Conference Agenda

Session Overview
Workshop Afternoon 5: Hyku: The Hydra-in-a-box
Tuesday, 27/Jun/2017:
1:30pm - 3:30pm

Location: QUT P512
Pax 96


Hyku: The Hydra-in-a-box

Justin Michael Coyne, Hannah Frost

Stanford University, United States of America

In this workshop we'll introduce Hyku, the open-source repository software that aims to bring Hydra to institutions large and small. Hyku is one aspect of a multi-year Institute of Museum and Library Services grant that endeavors to provide a Hydra solution without the need for dedicated developers. Hyku enabled building many new features into Hydra and is delivered by a locally installable package and as a cloud hosted service.

Attendees will participate in a walk through of the Hyku repository, starting with getting it up and running. We'll then take you on a tour of the interface and discuss the underlying system architecture. We'll tour the new functionality that Hyku brings to Hydra. Hyku is easily customized to fit into your organizations look and feel; we'll show you how easy it can be. Participants will discuss how Hyku provides important APIs such as IIIF and ResourceSync, which make Hyku a compelling foundation to build upon. We'll briefly cover how Hyku works in the cloud and how you can get involved.

No experience is required for attending this workshop, although familiarity with Linux is a plus. Please bring a laptop with you.