Conference Agenda

Session Overview
Workshop Morning 4: Getting started with Angular UI development for DSpace
Tuesday, 27/Jun/2017:
9:00am - 11:00am

Location: QUT P506a
Pax 54


Getting started with Angular UI development for DSpace

Tim Donohue1, Art Lowel2

1DuraSpace; 2Atmire

As of late 2016, a DSpace 7 UI Working Group has begun developing an Angular 2 User Interface which will replace the existing UIs starting in DSpace 7. While this new DSpace Angular UI is still in active development, this workshop will allow developers to become more familiar with the Angular framework before the new UI is released.

This hands-on developers workshop will provide attendees with an overview of the Angular framework and related tools and modules in use by the DSpace 7 UI project. Attendees will be expected to setup a virtual machine (or install the DSpace 7 UI codebase locally). Tasks will be provided to allow attendees to get more familiar with the codebase and development tools.

Attendees will come away with the following:

An overview of the Angular framework itself and why it was chosen for DSpace 7

An overview of various Angular tools/modules in use by DSpace, along with recommended development and debugging tools

An overview of the DSpace 7 UI codebase, its current status and next steps

How to join the effort and contribute more directly to the new DSpace Angular UI