Conference Agenda

Session Overview
Workshop Morning 3: Design Thinking for Open Science Innovation
Tuesday, 27/Jun/2017:
9:00am - 11:00am

Location: QUT P506
Pax 54


Design Thinking for Open Science Innovation

Heli Kautonen

Aalto University School of Science, Finland

Promoting Open Science means changing scientific research policies, practices, methods, systems, and entire organization cultures. Fundamentally, organizations consist of people working together, and the change in people's behavior requires time and resources – and command of most effective instruments of change.

Design thinking offers means to elaborate human-related problems in an innovative manner. Design approach includes consideration of possible futures, evaluation of benefits, searching for variables, and creating paths for implementation.

"The term design thinking is generally referred to as applying a designer's sensibility and methods to problem solving, no matter what the problem is." (Lockwood, 2009)

The workshop will bring open science researchers and practitioners together to share their experiences. The core objective of the workshop is to encourage new ideas for the promotion of open science.

The workshop provides its participants with an opportunity to:

- Learn and discuss the benefits and requirements of design thinking approach in the context of open science.

- Learn how design thinking approach can be applied in the practices of research institutions and cultural heritage organizations.

- Share and discuss own experiences of open science challenges with peers.

- Network with peers who have similar experiences and interest to design thinking approach.