Conference Agenda

Session Overview
Workshop Morning 1: Riding the Hydra: Getting Up and Running
Tuesday, 27/Jun/2017:
9:00am - 11:00am

Location: QUT P504
Pax 54


Riding the Hydra: Getting Up and Running

Tom Cramer

Stanford University, United States of America

This new and updated orientation will present an introduction to the Hydra Project, and equip new and potential adopters with the background and knowledge to get engaged with the project, including guidance on getting a Hydra-based repository up and running. While Hydra is now a large and long-standing project, it has undergone substantial transformations in the last 18 months, with significant advances in its functionality, core technologies, and data models. This half day workshop will start with an introduction to Hydra installations worldwide, followed by a general introduction to the technology stack, the community process, and the latest activities from its ever-growing working and interest groups. The second segment will focus on getting a Hydra project up and running successfully; where to start, best practices in adapting existing “heads” to meet local needs and workflows, and best practices in going live. The third segment will be an interactive effort that dives into areas of particular interest by workshop attendees, potentially addressing installation, coding, operations, training prerequisites, or working on top of Fedora 4. Audience interest and facilities allowing, this third session will be multi-tracked, with breakout groups handling particular areas of interest.