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Session Overview
Invited panel: Encoding liturgical chant notations and meta-data
Saturday, 21/May/2022:
3:00pm - 4:30pm

Session Chair: Debra Suzanne Lacoste
Location: Dunn Theatre

4th floor, Fountain School of Performing Arts

Session Abstract

The “Encoding liturgical chant notations and meta-data panel” follows Ichiro Fujinaga’s Keynote Address “Optical Music Recognition Workflow for Neume Notation and its Encoding” and precedes a visit to the library at St Mary’s University to see the “Salzinnes Antiphonal.” We are interested in showcasing current and developing digital projects for liturgical chant, and those in related fields that can be adapted to chant. After short presentations by the speakers, we will engage both the online and in-person audiences in discussion about the tools available for digital chant research.

Debra Lacoste (DACT, Dalhousie U.) 


Jan Hajič (Masaryk Institute and Archive, Czech Academy of Sciences

Encoding the Jistebnice Cantionale: It takes a village

Stefan Morent, Niels Pfeffer, Fabian Königer (Univ. of Tübingen) 

Web-based MEI neumes workspace

Rachel McNellis (Independent Scholar) 

Considering the text and music encoding in Andrew Hughes’ LMLO

Stefano Milonia (Scuola Superiore Meridionale, Naples) 

Encoding and displaying MEI for medieval monody with MedMel

Elaine Stratton Hild (Corpus monodicum) 

Creating Connections: Metadata categories used by the long-term editorial project Corpus monodicum

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