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LearnxDesign 2017: The 4th International Conference for Design Education Researchers and PreK-16 Design Educators

London, UK, June 27th - 30th June, 2017
The Allure of the Digital and Beyond



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6 Penrose Way
Greenwich Peninsula
London SE10 0EW
United Kingdom

EU VAT ID: GB-918447304

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Terms and Conditions
Learn X Design at Ravensbourne

1. About the Agreement

1.1 The entirety of your agreement with Ravensbourne Limited (‘us’) is set out in:
1.1.1 These terms and conditions;
1.1.2 The booking form;
1.2 All bookings shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions, therefore please make sure you have read this document thoroughly before accepting its terms and booking a ticket;
1.3 All bookings are conditional upon acceptance of these Terms and Conditions;
1.4 Completion of the booking form constitutes an offer, made by you, to contract with us to provide an event. We accept the offer when we confirm, in writing, that we are able to provide you with the event programme and accept your booking;
1.5 The time and date of written acceptance is taken as the point at which the contract begins;
1.6 We retain absolute discretion as to whether or not to accept your booking, subject to the Equality Act 2010.

2. Fees and Payments

2.1 Fees for individual tickets are accepted at the time of booking;
2.2 Fees stated are inclusive of VAT;
2.3 You will be required to pay 100% of the fees at the time of booking;
2.4 We reserve the right to exclude you from the event if we have not received your fee payment by the course start date;
2.5 All payments should be made in pounds sterling (GBP) and through our online payment system, via debit or credit card;
2.6 You are liable to pay full fees whether or not you attend all sessions or start the course after it has begun.

3. Cancellation by Participant

3.1 Cancellation of your event booking should be communicated in writing either to our email address ( or by post to Ravensbourne Enterprise Department, Ravensbourne, 6 Penrose Way, London SE10 0EW;
3.2 Some or all of your event fees might be refundable in case of cancellation:
3.2.1 You will be entitled to a full refund if you cancel your booking 16 working days or more prior to your course start date;
3.2.2 You will be entitled to a 50% refund if you cancel your booking 15 working days prior to the event start date (subject to clause 3.3);
3.2.3 You will be still be liable to pay the full fee if you cancel your booking with fewer than 11 working days prior to the event start date (subject to clause 3.3);
3.3 You are entitled to a statutory ‘cooling off period’ of 14 days after you submit your booking:
3.3.1 You are entitled to a full refund on your booking if you contact us within 14 days to say that you’ve changed your mind and would like to cancel your booking;
3.3.2 The 14 days will commence the day after you receive confirmation from us that your booking has been accepted;
3.4 You are not entitled to a full or partial refund if you miss all or part of the event due to illness, or other personal or professional reasons. However, in such circumstances, we will discuss your circumstances with you and endeavour to reach a fair and reasonable solution for all parties.

4. Substituting an Alternative Participant Into Your Place

4.1 Requests to substitute another attendee into your place on the event must:
4.1.1 Be communicated in writing either to our email address ( or by post to Ravensbourne Enterprise Department, Ravensbourne, 6 Penrose Way, London SE10 0EW;
4.1.2 Include the substitute’s participant’s name and contact details;
4.1.3 Be sent at least five working days prior to the event start date;
4.2 Late requests for substitution will be considered, however it is your responsibility to ensure we have received notice of the substitution and confirmed with the substitute participant, prior to the event start date;
4.3 The substitute participant is then expected to attend the whole event and cannot substitute you back in;
4.4 Requests for substitutions will not be accepted after the event has commenced.

5. Cancellation and Amendment by Ravensbourne Limited

5.1 We reserve the right to:
5.1.1 Cancel the event;
5.1.2 Change the location of the event;
5.1.3 Substitute tutors delivering the event;
5.1.4 Amend event schedules due to bank holidays or other public holidays;
5.1.5 Postpone the event;
5.2 We will endeavour to give notice of at least at least five working days if the event is cancelled or amended;
5.3 If we cancel the event you will be entitled to a full refund of your ticket costs;
5.4 In the event of cancellation we are not liable for any additional losses you may have incurred including, but not limited to, accommodation, equipment and travel costs.

6. Force Majeure

6.1 We will not be considered in breach of any of our obligations arising under these terms and conditions to the extent that performance of our obligations is prevented by Force Majeure arising after the contract date;
6.2. For the purposes of clause 6.1 a ‘Force Majeure’ is defined as an event, act or omission beyond our reasonable control. This includes, but is not limited to: Acts of God, wars, riots, acts or threats of terrorism, strikes, compliance with any laws or Government orders, rules, regulations or directions, outbreaks of disease or infection, or failures in the public supply of electricity and telecommunications equipment.

7. Conduct of Participants

7.1 You are required to conduct yourself in a considerate and professional manner when participating at our event , and to support the learning of other participants;
7.2 We reserve the right to exclude you from the event and/or the premises if you conduct yourself in such a way as to cause disruption to the event or other participants.

8. Equal Opportunities

8.1 We are committed to providing a welcoming environment for all during our event regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, marital status, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation;
8.2 We will make all reasonable adjustments to accommodate all those wishing to attend;
8.3 We reserve the right to exclude any participant whose conduct at the event does not comply with our commitment laid out in clause 8.1.

9. Age Requirements

9.1 Our event is open only to those aged 18 or over;
9.2 Should we discover that you have enroled but are under the age of 18, we will be required to terminate your agreement.

10. Language Requirements

10.1 All sessions are conducted in English and it is your responsibility to ensure that both your written and spoken English is of a sufficient standard to participate fully in discussions.

12. Copyright and Intellectual Property

12.1 All content delivered during the event remains at all times the intellectual property of the speaker;
12.2 The use of audio and/or visual recording is not allowed during any of the session unless otherwise agreed.

13. Health and Safety

13.1 We reserve the right to exclude any participant who conducts themselves in such a way as to jeopardise the health and/or safety of others during the the event

14. Data Protection

14.1 The personal information contained in your booking form will only be used in so far as is necessary for the administration of the event you have signed up for;
14.2 Under no circumstances will your details be shared with third parties, unless required for the administration of the event and with your express permission.

15. Contact Details

15.1 Please ensure that we are kept informed of any changes in your contact details subsequent to your completing the booking form;
15.2 If your details change and you do not inform us, we will not be liable for any losses incurred due to your not receiving information about the event;
15.3 If you are resident overseas, please ensure that we have contact details we can reach you on whilst you are in the UK for the duration of the event.

16. Participants from Outside the UK

16.1 If you do not hold a UK, EU or EEA passport then you may require a visa which allows you to undertake some form of study before you are eligible to attend one of our event (check for specific details);
16.3 If you fail to obtain the required visa in time for the event start date:
16.3.1 You will not be permitted to attend the event;
16.3.2 You will not be entitled to an event refund;

17. Rights and Remedies Under These Terms

17.1 These terms and conditions are governed by the law of England and Wales and fall under the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales;
17.2 Should any court or competent authority declare any term of these provisions to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable, that term shall be severed from the remaining terms, which shall continue to be enforceable;
17.3 Failure to exercise any rights or remedies outlined in these terms, by either party, shall not be taken as a waiver of such rights or remedies;
17.4 Waiver of any right or obligation arising under these terms is only valid if agreed upon, in writing, by both parties. Any such waiver shall not apply in perpetuity, unless expressly agreed;
17.5 No person who is not a party to these terms and conditions shall have any rights arising under or in connection with them, in accordance with the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.


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