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Session Overview
Date: Thursday, 24/Feb/2022
D2K1: Keynote by Nils Boysen
Chair: Nicole Megow

Logistics on the last mile: New technologies, new delivery concepts, and new optimization problem

In the wake of e-commerce and its successful diffusion in most commercial activities, last-mile distribution causes more and more trouble in urban areas all around the globe. Growing parcel volumes to be delivered toward customer homes increase the number of delivery vans entering the city centers and thus add to congestion, pollution, and negative health impact. Therefore, it is anything but surprising that in recent years many novel delivery concepts on the last mile have been innovated. Among the most prominent are unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) and autonomous delivery robots taking over parcel delivery.

This talk presents a systematic classification scheme to record established and novel last-mile concepts. Based on this scheme, we consider different innovative delivery concepts of the farther future and elaborate some important optimization problems when setting up and operating these concepts.

Coffee Break
D2S1T1: Supply Chain Resilience
Chair: Herbert Kotzab

Identifying Common Elements within Supply Chain Resilience and Sustainability - an Exploratory Study based on Bibliographic Analysis

Warmbier, Piotr; Kinra, Aseem

The Impact of Blockchain on Supply Chain Resilience

Kolmykova, Anna

Towards Supply Chain Resilience in Mining Industry: A Literature Analysis.

Castillo-Villagra, Raúl; Thoben, Klaus-Dieter

D2S1T2: Maritime Logistics and Port Operations I
Chair: Burkhard Lemper

Container Flow Generation for Maritime Container Terminals

Kastner, Marvin; Grasse, Ole; Jahn, Carlos

Simulation-based port storage dimensioning to mitigate operational instability

Triska, Yuri; Frazzon, Enzo Morosini

Integration of Renewable Energies at Maritime Container Terminals

Schütze, Felix; Schwientek, Anne Kathrina; Grasse, Ole; Jahn, Carlos

D2S1T3: Transportation Networks and Vehicle Routing
Chair: Daniel Schmand

Simulative Assessment of Patrol Car Allocation and Response Time

Cors, Tobias; Fliedner, Malte

A new lower bound for the static dial-a-ride problem with ride and waiting time minimization

Pfeiffer, Christian; Schulz, Arne

A branch-and-cut algorithm for the dial-a-ride problem with ride and waiting time minimization and time windows

Schulz, Arne; Pfeiffer, Christian

Lunch Break
D2S2T1: Digitalization of Supply Chains
Chair: Otthein Herzog

The impact of power on supply chain digitalization: A research framework from a systematic literature review

Brinker, Janosch; Haasis, Hans-Dietrich

Data Quality in Social Media Analytics for Operations and Supply Chain Performance Management

Siekmann, Fabian; Kinra, Aseem; Kotzab, Herbert

Visualisation tool for an integrated radiopharmaceutical supply chain (SC) diagnostic

Rabarijaona, Haingo Manohisoa; Ndiaye, Alassane Ballé

D2S2T2: Maritime Logistics and Port Operations II
Chair: Gralf-Peter Calliess

An appraisal of the Northern European LNG bunker ship fleet

Ross, Antje; Lange, Kerstin

Investigating the Requirements of Automated Vehicles for Port-internal Logistics of Containers

Rose, Hendrik Wilhelm; Lange, Ann-Kathrin; Hinckeldeyn, Johannes; Jahn, Carlos; Kreutzfeldt, Jochen

Unmanned vessels and the law

Lange, Eva Ricarda

D2S2T3: Socio-technical Systems
Chair: Hendrik Stern

Work Condition Analysis for Driving Professions with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Milke, Viola; Strau, Sarah; Debbing, Christina; Keil, Maria; Severin, Benedikt; Hesenius, Marc; Ruiner, Caroline; Hagemann, Vera; Klumpp, Matthias

Assessing driver fatigue during urban traffic congestion using ECG method

Gyulyev, Nizami; Galkin, Andrii; Schlosser, Tibor; Capayova, Silvia; Lobashov, Oleksii

Technology review for guiding persons in airports and other hubs

Börold, Axel; Broda, Eike; Jathe, Nicolas; Schweers, Dirk; Sprodowski, Tobias; Zeitler, Waldemar; Freitag, Michael

Coffee Break
D2S3T1: Industry 4.0 and Digital Twins
Chair: Walter Lang

Managing Interfaces between Smart Factories and Digital Supply Chains

Zander, Bennet; Lange, Kerstin; Haasis, Hans-Dietrich

Digital Twin features for the Intelligent Container

Jedermann, Reiner; Lang, Walter; Geyer, Martin; Mahajan, Pramod

D2S3T2: Sustainable and Green Logistics
Chair: Aseem Kinra

Low Emission Choices in Freight Transport: Comparing Land and Short Sea Shipping Alternatives

Hämäläinen, Esa; Inkinen, Tommi; Olaniyi, Eunice

Optimization of an e-highway infrastructure to electrify the German highway network

Sroka, Louis Vincent; Meisel, Frank

From linear to circular packaging: Enablers and challenges in the fashion industry

Pfoser, Sarah; Herman, Katharina; Massimiani, Andrea; Brandtner, Patrick; Schauer, Oliver

D2S3T3: Models and Algorithms
Chair: Tobias Sprodowski
2:45pm - 3:15pm

Choosing the right technique for the right restriction - a domain-specific approach for enforcing search-space restrictions in evolutionary algorithms

Plump, Christina; Berger, Bernhard J.; Drechsler, Rolf

3:15pm - 3:45pm

A cargo throughput capacity quantization estimation using semi-Markov jump system filter within partial state delay

Ren, Bingxuan; Yin, Tangwen; KARIMI, HAMID REZA; Fu, Shan

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