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Date: Friday, 01/Apr/2022
Front Desk
Luciana Besedovsky: Why sleeping in is not a waste of time: on the importance of sleep for our immune system
Virtual location: Main Conference Room
Chair: Prof. Tanja Lange
Paper Session 5 - Periphery
Virtual location: Main Conference Room
Chair: Prof. Rainer H. Straub

Adrenaline, noradrenaline, and cortisol alter immune cell numbers and promote innate immune functionality of domestic pigs in an intravenous infusion model

Lena Reiske, Sonja Schmucker, Birgit Pfaffinger, Ulrike Weiler, Julia Steuber, Volker Stefanski

Regulation of Natural Killer Cell Functions by Catecholamines

Martin Obholzer, Maren Claus, Sabine Wingert, Nicole Klaschik, Elisabeth Hennes, Silvia Capellino, Carsten Watzl

Alpha-adrenergic receptors in individuals with primary Raynaud's phenomenon

Tanja Lange, Catharina Frahm, Finn Lübber, Hanna Grasshoff, Alexander Hackel, Sebastian Klapa, Antje Müller, Anja Kerstein-Stähle, Harald Heidecke, Gabriela Riemekasten

Dopamine affects bone formation in arthritis patients

Elena Schwendich, Laura Salinas Tejedor, Markus Rickert, Jürgen Steinmeyer, Stefan Rehart, Jörg Reinders, Elena Neumann, Ulf Müller-Ladner, Silvia Capellino

Dopamine receptor 1 pathway as a potential proinflammatory factor in rheumatoid arthritis

Leonie Fleige, Karolin Wieber, Styliani Tsiami, Jörg Reinders, Jürgen Braun, Xenofon Baraliakos, Silvia Capellino

Closing Ceremony & Awards
Virtual location: Main Conference Room
Chair: Nicolas Rohleder
Chair: Prof. Silvia Capellino
Chair: Prof. Harald Engler

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