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Session Overview
Date: Wednesday, 16/Oct/2019
8:30am Welcome and registration
9:30am W11: Technical Track Workshop — State of the Art Review
Location: Room C
Chair: Nate Otto

First of the technical track, the objective of this session is to review the state of the art of Open Badges and related technologies:

  • Open Badges Standard 2.1 (Badge Connect)
  • Open Pathways
  • Blockcerts
  • Next standards
  • Linked Data
  • Solid
  • ...
W12: Workshop — Open Badges 101: Create your own badge
Location: Room D
Chair: Eric Rousselle
Chair: Patrice Petitqueux

During this workshop, participants will create their Personal Recognition Environment and learn how to create Open Badges.

11:00am Coffee Break
11:30am W13: Technical Track Workshop — Implementing Badge Connect
Location: Room C
Chair: Bert Jehoul

Badge Connect is the add-on to 2.1 specification that allows seamless communication between Open Badge platforms. During this workshop we will demonstrate how Badge Connect works and explore how to implement it in the different Open Badge tools.

W14: Workshop — Open Badges 102: Design an OpenRecognition Ecosystem
Location: Room D
Chair: Eric Rousselle
Chair: Patrice Petitqueux

During this workshop, participants will explore the different elements of an Open Recognition Ecosystem.

1:00pm Lunch Break
2:00pm K11: Building Open Recognition Ecosystems
Location: Amphi A (simultaneous translation)
Chair: Serge Ravet
Chair: Perrine De Coëtlogon

Towards a Learning PlanetGaëll Mainguy, Interdisciplinary Research Center (CRI)

Followed by testimonies from a range of actors involved in the development of Open Recognition Systems:

  • Gerard Pruim, Gear Up, Hollande
  • Bert Jehoul, Open Knowledge Belgium, Belgium
  • Don Presant, Learning Agents, Canada
  • Nate Otto, Concentric Sky, USA
  • Chiara Carlino, Cineca, Italy

Dutch Designing Examples Of Open Badges Implementations: Empowering Workforce Potential

Gerard Pruim

Gear Up, Netherlands, The

3:30pm Coffee break
4:00pm W15: Workshop Learning Planet
Location: Amphi A (simultaneous translation)
Chair: Gaell Mainguy

Imagining the uses of recognition and associated technologies at the service of a Learning Planet

W16: Technical Track Workshop — Exploiting the potential of "linked data"
Location: Room C
Chair: Frans Ward
W17: Workshop — Open Badges Clinic
Location: Room D
Chair: Patrice Petitqueux

During this workshop, participants are invited to present a project with Open Badges and experts will discuss the options for this project to be a success.

To register your interest for getting help from an expert, use the following form

5:00pm K12: Keynote
Location: Amphi A (simultaneous translation)
Chair: Dominique-Alain Jan

Construire l'Ecosystème des Profils d'Apprenants Grâce à l'IA

Eric Cherel

CRI, France

5:30pm Reconnaître — Open Recognition Alliance Annual General Assembly
Location: Amphi A (simultaneous translation)

During the AGM will be discussed Reconnaître—Open Recognition Alliance's support to establishing formally Open Recognition Alliance governance body

7:00pm End of day 1
Date: Thursday, 17/Oct/2019
8:30am Welcome and registration
9:00am PR21: Presentations
Location: Amphi A (simultaneous translation)
Chair: Philippe Petitqueux

Avancée Du Projet Apprenant Agile

Laurence Martin, Laure Pillias

Association pour la Promotion du label APP

Rendre Visible Ce Qui Est Tacite

Jacques Dubois

Rectorat De Dijon, France

Réseau Canopé et les Open Badges : typologie et écosystème

Luis Galindo

Réseau Canopé, France

Le Label CFA Numérique - Les Open Badges Pour Accompagner La Transition Numérique Des CFA normands

Raphael Harang

Batiment CFA Normandie, France

Angers, ville apprenante

Yves Le Villain

Mairie Angers, France

W21: MIRVA Workshop: how to bridge technologies to build recognition?
Location: Room C
Chair: Chiara Carlino
Chair: Gerard Pruim

What technologies are better suited to express recognition in its many expressions? Where does technology help and what should we look for when evaluating it?

In this workshop a small set of dimensions selected by the MIRVA project to classify recognition technologies and understand their role potential and limits will be presented. Participants will be invited to discuss the proposed facets by applying them to actual and hypothetical recognition stories involving multiple technologies. 

The output of the workshop will further inform the proceedings of MIRVA project.


W22: Workshop (FR) - Initiate and Live a First Cooperative Ecosystem of Recognition with Uses of Open Badges
Location: Room D
Chair: Arnold Magdelaine

During this workshop, participants will be authors-contributors by embodying and physically manipulating the principles of action that facilitate engagement in the collective creation of a recognition ecosystem.

During the various manufacturing phases, the workshop gives to read and live action references to initiate, understand and project in a cooperative way in the sustainable implementation of a multidimensional (macro, meso, micro, intra-individual) and inter-professional organization shared recognition of the "social and informational skills" of students (or any other target audience) by the use of open badges in the service of a territory and its actors (socio-economic, technical, scientific, educational, etc.).

During this session, participants will be offered a great deal of interaction.

Group size: 30 to 50 people

10:30am Coffee Break
11:00am PR22: Presentations
Location: Amphi A (simultaneous translation)
Chair: Nikitas Kastis

Digital Credentialing for Universities: Badges, Blockcerts, Diploma Supplement and identity

Chiara Carlino, Marica Franchi, Matteo Bertazzo

Cineca, Italy

Blockcerts: Certification Of Qualifications And Possible Developments In Education

Laura Appiani

Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, Italy

What’s A Badge Really Worth? The Stakes Of Building An Ecosystem Through An Open Badge Passport

Caroline Bélan-Ménagier1, Eric Rousselle2

1: Confederal University Leonardo da Vinci, France; 2: Open Badge Factory

Creating Nationwide Badges In Finland - Case: Games Industry

Saija Heinonen

Metropolia UAS, Finland

Technical Track Unconference
Location: Room C
Chair: Bert Jehoul

The unconference, using the Open Space format, provides an intense format with participant-driven contents, covering the attendees’ current interests. If you are looking for a substantial discussion on your subject it is likely that you will meet the right people here!

W23: Workshop - How to develop a "Badgeons" Collective? (FR)
Location: Room D
Chair: Mathieu Muselet
Chair: Fabien Paquereau

We will exchange our practices between participants, experienced facilitators or novices from Badging territories groups. The objective of the workshop is to produce recommendations to emerging or developing projects.

12:00pm K21: Keynotes & Panel discussion
Location: Amphi A (simultaneous translation)
Chair: Don Presant

Open Recognition and the humanitarian sector with the participation of

  • Esther Grieder, Humanitarian Leadership Academy

  • Maja Kuna-Parrish, International Committee of the Red Cross‎

12:55pm Zoubibadge
Location: Amphi A (simultaneous translation)
Chair: Clarisse Sossavi




Clarisse Sossavi1, Corine Delbeck2

1: Ligue de l'enseignement du Pas-de-Calais, France; 2: K-d'ABRA

1:00pm Lunch Break
2:00pm PR23: Presentations
Location: Amphi A (simultaneous translation)

Open Badges for Open Virtual Mobility skills: connecting a custom competency framework, ESCO, elearning and credentialing

Marica Franchi1, Chiara Carlino1, Ilona Buchem2, Kamakshi Rajagopal3, Johannes Konert2, Olga Firssova4, Andrei Ternaciuc5

1: Cineca; 2: Beuth University of Applied Sciences; 3: KULeuven; 4: Open University; 5: Politehnica University of Timisoara

Waterloo’s Future Ready Talent Framework: A Step Toward an Open Recognition System for Post-Secondary Students

Norah McRae, Dana Church, Dave Drewery, Jennifer Woodside, Erin Smith, Judene Pretti, Anne Fannon

University of Waterloo, Canada

Locating the Role of Open Culture in Contemporary American Capitalist Formal Systems of Recognition

Robert Ernest Cummings

University of Mississippi, United States of America

Technical Track Unconference
Location: Room C
Chair: Gerard Pruim

The unconference, using the Open Space format, provides an intense format with participant-driven contents, covering the attendees’ current interests. If you are looking for a substantial discussion on your subject it is likely that you will meet the right people here!

W24: Workshop - Facilitate an Explicitation Workshop
Location: Room D

Facilitation of an explanation workshop to present the animation methodology.

Collective construction of a badge to be defined: "Participate in the ePIC conference" or "the recognition posture"

3:00pm K22: Keynote & panel discussion: Recognition and employment
Location: Amphi A (simultaneous translation)
Chair: Serge Ravet


  • Faustine Duriez, Cocoworker

  • Gwenaëlle Lemarchand, Réseau de Transport d'Électricité

  • Jérémy Lamri, cofounder of Monkey tie,  Lab RH et  Hub France IA

  • David Leaser, IBM

4:15pm Coffee Break
4:45pm K23: Recognition society : from project to action
Location: Amphi A (simultaneous translation)
Chair: Mathieu Muselet

From Open Badges to Open Recognition: an Itinerary, Serge Ravet, Reconnaître-Open Recognition Alliance


L'Open Badge et l'inclusion

Mathieu Muselet

Ligue de l'enseignement - Centre confédéral, France

Témoignages De Bénéficiaires Open Badge de L'Association K-d'ABRA

Clarisse Sossavi1, Corine Delbeck2

1: Ligue de l'enseignement du Pas-de-Calais, France; 2: K-d'ABRA

La Reconnaissance : Solidarité, Émancipation, Savoirs Informels Et... Cuisine Normande

Grégory Célo

Acsad, France

Construction d'un Ecosystème de Reconnaissance sur le Territoire de Saint Lô

Muriel Moujeard, Jean-Marie Eden

Cibc Normandie, France

6:00pm End of day 2
Social Dinner
Date: Friday, 18/Oct/2019
9:00am Welcome and registration
9:30am PR31
Location: Amphi A (simultaneous translation)

De la Conception Interprofessionnelle Et l'Animation Territoriale d'un Ecosystème de la Reconnaissance par les Usages des Open Badges

Arnold Magdelaine, Sylvie Pires da Rocha

Nantes Université, France

Making Open Badges More Portable With Alternative Formats

Eric Rousselle, Antti Koskinen

Open Badge Factory Ltd, Finland

Industrialisation ePortfolio

Eric Duquenoy1, Eric Giraudin2, Jacques Raynauld3, Olivier Gerbe3, Patricia Arnault4

1: Université du Littoral - Côte d'Opale, France; 2: IUT2, Université Grenoble Alpes; 3: ePortolium; 4: Université de Poitiers

Record, Watch, Coach and Recognize: Screen Recordings and Feedback Sessions in Learning Recognition

Henrik Køhler Simonsen

Copenhagen Business School

We must talk about Blockchains

Perrine De Coëtlogon, Pierre Boulet

Université de Lille, France

Fostering Retention and Students' Interest During a Computer Science First Year Course in an Higher Secondary Education School

Dominique-Alain Jan

Gymnase de Nyon

W31: Technical Track Workshop — future planning
Location: Room C
Chair: Frans Ward

Review of unconference proceedings and exploration of future developments

11:30am Coffee Break
12:00pm K31: Keynote & panel discussion
Location: Amphi A (simultaneous translation)
Chair: Muriel Moujeard


Recognizing learning in Work Integrated Learning: Preparing students for the future of work and life long learning, Norah McRae, University of Waterloo, Canada

Round Table

  • Mathias Dufour, #Leplusimportant
  • Bruno Clément-Ziza, DGEFP (Ministry of Labour)
  • Nicolas Ménagier, réseau BOAT (Nouvelle Aquitaine)
  • Simon Sarazin, Third-Places National Council

During the round table we will talk about the regional and national SIP (Skills Investment Plan) and think together how could / should collaborate all actors that contribute to the upskilling of people (Training venters, third places / associations. ..) and their accompaniment (local missions, employment center etc ...), and build adapted and shared tools, and a common language.

It will of course be question of the place of Open badges.

Main question: How can the informal recognitions that individuals can receive in their community of work or practice, or in their social life be recognized by institutions and taken into account in people's journeys?

1:00pm Lunch Break
2:30pm K32: Beyond ePIC 2019
Chair: Caroline Bélan-Ménagier


About RecognitionClaire Héber-Suffrin 

Panel discussion

Planning the future of Open Recognition

Participants in the panel will be chosen during the conference

3:30pm Farewell cocktail

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