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Session Overview
Date: Wednesday, 24/Oct/2018
8:30am Welcome and registration
9:30am Workshop — Addressing the #OpenRecognition Challenges
Location: Amphiteatre
Chair: Nate Otto
Workshop — Open Badges 101: Create your own badge
Location: Open Space 1
Chair: Emilie Lenel
Chair: Eric Rousselle

During this session participants will create their Personal Recognition Environment and learn how to create Open Badge.

11:00am Coffee Break
11:30am Addressing the trust challenge to create #OpenRecognition Ecosystems
Location: Amphiteatre
Chair: Serge Ravet


  • François Taddei, CRI, France
  • Ruben Verborgh, Ghent University, Belgium

Panel discussion:

  • Serge Ravet, Reconnaître - Open Recognition Alliance, Bit of Trust, France
  • Nate Otto, Concentric Sky, USA
  • Bert Jehoul, Open Knowledge Belgium, Bit of Trust, Belgium
  • Agis Papantoniou, Cognizone, Belgium
1:00pm Lunch Break
2:00pm Building a Learning Society
Location: Amphiteatre
Chair: Philippe Petitqueux
  • The challenges of a territory - David Margueritte, Vice Président Région Normandie pour l'Apprentissage, France
  • Decolonising Recognition - Patrick Werquin, Cnam, France
  • Eric Bruillard, Université Paris Descartes, France
  • Learning territory: reflections around a approach - Jean-Marc Lange, Université de Montpellier, France, Maryvonne Dussaux, Université Paris Créteil Val-de-Marne, Alexis Durand Jeanson, Prima Terra
4:00pm Coffee break
4:30pm Panel discussion — Building learning territories
Location: Open Space 1
Chair: Caroline Bélan-Ménagier

Following the previous panel, the participants will explore how to develop city-wide and regional #OpenRecognition initiatives. The workshop will be introduced by a short presentation of different territorial initiatives:

  • BOAT, Caroline Belan-Ménagier, COMUE Leonard de Vinci France
  • Badgeons la Région Centre, Mathieu Muselet, Ligue de l'enseignement France
  • Badgeons la Normandie,- Philippe Petitqueux, DRAAF de Normandie, France
  • Breda, City of Learning - Gerard Pruim, Gear Up, MIRVA, The Netherlands
  • Milan Openagri: skills for new jobs - Rossana Torri,  Milan Municipality, Italy
  • Cities of Learning Goes Europe - Nerijus Kriauciunas, Badgecraft, Lithuania

Badging Normandy

Philippe Petitqueux

DRAAF de Normandie, France

Boot Camp and Open Badges for Sustainable Integration of Status Holders in Breda

Gerard Pruim

Gear Up, Netherlands, The

Cities of Learning Goes Europe

Nerijus Kriauciunas

Badgecraft, Lithuania

Workshop — Open Badges 102: Design an OpenRecognition Ecosystem
Location: Open Space 1
Chair: Eric Rousselle

During this second session, participants will explore the different components of an #OpenRecognition ecosystem and draft a design of their own. The workshop will be introduced by a presentation of the experience of a Fablab and its ecosystem.

5:30pm Assemblée générale de l'association Reconnaître
Location: Amphiteatre

Everybody is welcome to attend this open meeting (in French) which is the Annual General Meeting of the French branch of the Open Recognition Alliance

BOT: Exploring the potential of bits of trust
Location: Open Space 1
Chair: Agis Papantoniou
Chair: Bert Jehoul

Workshop to explore the potential of <em>bits of trust</em>

7:00pm Welcome drink
Location: Café Rey

A welcome drink is offered to the participants at ePIC at café Rey, 1 rue du faubourg St Antoine (Place de la Bastille, 5 minutes from the conference venue).

Sponsored by bit of trust 

Date: Thursday, 25/Oct/2018
8:30am Welcome and registration
9:00am PR21A
Location: Amphiteatre
Chair: Eric Rousselle

Theoretical Framework of Digital Open Badge-Driven Learning – Practical Applications to Support Emerging Ecosystems

Sanna Brauer

Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Finland

How Open Badges for Teachers' Digital Competence Correspond to the DigCompEdu framework?

Jaana Kullaslahti, Sanna Ruhalahti

HAMK University of Applied Science, School of Professional Teacher Education

Scaling up the Open Badge Experiment in Dutch HE. Capturing the Lessons Learned when Building a Pilot for an Open Badge Infrastructure.

Frans Ward, Alexander Blanc

SURFnet, Netherlands, The

Location: Open Space 1

More than a tool: Integrating the ‘teacher voice’ into an ePortfolio using the Three-layered PDP model

Maria Luisa Perez Cavana, Sue Lowe

The Open University, United Kingdom

Epos-Bridge (epos-b): Towards a user-friendly electronic version of the European Language Portfolio (ELP)

Bärbel Kühn2, Maria Luisa Perez Cavana1, Michael Langner3

1: The Open University, United Kingdom; 2: Univeristy of Darmstadt; 3: Free lance

Recognizing Vocational Student Teachers’ Competences Through ePortfolio

Anne-Maria Korhonen

Hamk University of Applied Sciences, Finland

PR21C: Parcours de reconnaissance
Location: Open Space 2
Chair: Muriel Moujeard

Identifier et reconnaître les compétences des salariés en parcours d’insertion

Schany TAIX1, Eric BEASSE2, Yves VERNON3, Muriel MOUJEARD4, Laure PILLIAS3

1: Fédération Nationale des CIBC; 2: Fédération COORACE; 3: Association nationale des APP; 4: CIBC Normandie

10:30am Coffee Break
11:00am Panel Discussion: Higher Education & #OpenRecognition
Location: Amphiteatre
Chair: Pierre Beust
Chair: Emilie Lenel

With the participation of:

  • Isabelle Duchatelle &  Isabelle Grand, Caen University, France
  • Bénédicte Froment, Tours University, France - Badging student engagement experience
  • Caroline Belan MénagierConfederal University Leonardo da Vinci, France
  • Laura Appiani, University of Milan Bicocca, Italy
  • Marica Franchi, CINECA, Italy
12:00pm #OpenRecognition and the humanitarian sector
Location: Amphiteatre
Chair: Don Presant
  • HPass and Open Badges: a path towards decolonial humanitarian action? Victoria Fontan, Institut Bioforce, Humanitarian Academy, France
  • HPass Snapshot – lessons learned and next steps. Don Presant, Pilot Coordinator

Digital Badges and Open Badge Passport. Perceptions of MSF Field Staff

José Manuel Lorente Santamarta, Alfonso Bustos

MSF, Spain

1:00pm Lunch Break
2:00pm PR22A
Location: Amphiteatre

Open Badges As Tools For Change Within Higher Education Institutions

Caroline Bélan-Ménagier

Confederal University Leonardo da Vinci, France

Open Badges for the Accreditation of Media-Related Competencies in Higher Education Using the Production of Instructional Videos as a Case Study

Peter Ferdinand, Andreas Kämper, Gergely Kápolnási, Sergei Pachtchenko, Leonie Sieger

University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany

Location: Open Space 1

Open Digital Badges in a local healthcare ecosystem

Pieter van Knippenberg

PietervanKnippenberg, Netherlands, The

Welcome to TransRECOLand

Regina Klein

Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, Austria

PR22C: Parcours de reconnaissance
Location: Open Space 2
Chair: François Millet

Co-design of Digital Badges practices in a scientific cultural "third place" ("tiers lieu")

François Millet1, Matthieu Debar1, Matthieu Le Solliec2, Quentin Laloux1

1: Le Dôme, France; 2: Casus Belli, France

Digital credentials for Fab Lab with digital badges

Geoffroi Garon-Épaule

Communautique, Canada

3:00pm Coffee Break
3:30pm Panel discussion: The value of #OpenRecognition in employment
Location: Amphiteatre

Michel Diaz, FEFAUR (moderator) with the participation of:

  • Jean-Roch HOULLIER, Thales Learning Hub International Learning and Digital Director
  • Eric BARILLAND, Orange, VP Skills Management & Partnership
4:30pm #OpenRecognition Week
Location: Amphiteatre
Chair: Serge Ravet

Meet the participants of the #OpenRecognition Week who have contributed to the creation of the World Wide Web of Trust!


Tell us how you recognize...(Understanding how recognition processes operate and how to improve/open them)

Chiara Carlino1, Dominic Orr2

1: Cineca, Italy; 2: FiBS

Parcours de reconnaissance
Location: Open Space 2
Chair: Laure Pillias

Cadre de référence » pour quels usages et dans quelles conditions pour promouvoir la Reconnaissance en APP

Laure Pillias

APapp, France

DIA#LOG : l'identification et la valorisation de ses compétences comme préalable à la reconnaissance.



5:30pm #OpenRecognition Week
Location: Amphiteatre

Meet the participants of the #OpenRecognition Week who have contributed to the creation of the World Wide Web of Trust!


Open Recognition in Belgium: Presentation of 2 innovation projects developed during Summer of Code 2018

Bert Jehoul

Open Knowledge Belgium, Belgium

Workshop: Putting digital technology at the service of recognising everyone's skills
Location: Open Space 2
Chair: Mathias Dufour

Mettre le Numérique au Service de la Reconnaissance des Compétences de Chacun

Mathias Dufour

#Leplusimportant, France

6:30pm End of day 2
Social Dinner

ePIC has the pleasure to organise this year a Champagne tasting with one of the best independent vigneron and a dinner in line with the quality of the drinks!

A live band will provide music during the evening.

Date: Friday, 26/Oct/2018
9:00am Welcome and registration
9:30am PR31A: Exploring ePortfolios and Open Badges
Location: Amphiteatre

Transversal Skills And Digital Certifications

Maria Cristina Messa, Paolo Cherubini, Laura Appiani

Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, Italy

ePortfolios and Open Badges for Open Recognition of Lifelong Learning Outcomes in Master’s Students Training

Olga Smolyaninova

Siberian Federal University, Russian Federation

Professional recognition: Discussion on the transfer of ePortfolio practices from teacher training to the workplace and how OpenBadges can foster it.

Dominique-Alain Jan

The Open University, Switzerland

Bestr: building a national wide open badges ecosystem starting by Italian universities

Marica Franchi

Cineca, Italy

Blockchains for education: outcomes of the working group Blockchain4Edu

Perrine de COËTLOGON

Université de Lille, France

Scenario for reciprocal exchanges of knowledge
Location: Open Space 1
Chair: Claire Hebert Suffrin

Workshop on recognition led by Claire Hébert Suffrin

Imagining together services for Open badges in Education and Orientation
Location: Open Space 2
Chair: François Millet

Using the Living Lab method, we will explore the potential of using Open Badges after they have been issued — beyond displaying them on Facebook or LinkedIn! We will sketch prototypes in the field of education, orientation and employment.


Imagining together services for Open badges in Education and Orientation

François MILLET

Le Dôme, France

11:30am Coffee Break
12:00pm Opening recognition to all
Location: Amphiteatre
  • Claire Héber Suffrin, Réseaux des Echanges Réciproques de Savoirs, France
  • Eric Rousselle, Discendum , Finland - Reflections on the future of Open Badges
  • Julie Keane, Participate, USA - Distributed Trust for Humanitarian and Educational Impact
  • Mehdi Gharsallah, Strategic Advisor for Digital, Directorate General of Higher Education and Professional Integration, France

Distributed Trust for Humanitarian and Educational Impact

Julie Keane

Participate, United States of America


Claire Hebert Suffrin

Réseaux d’échanges réciproques de savoirs, France

1:00pm Lunch Break
2:00pm Planning the future of Open Recognition
Location: Amphiteatre

A well established tradition of the ePIC conference is to use the last session of the conference to review what we have learned and how we will use this learning to achieve the agenda of the conference, which this year is: Building #OpenRecognition Ecosystems. This year the partners of  MIRVA (Making Informal Recognition Visible and Actionable) will introduce and moderate the session.

4:00pm Farewell cocktail

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