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Date: Wednesday, 13/Sep/2017
ENG1: WS Energy Aware Software-Engineering and Development
Location: A12
Chair: Stefan Naumann

On the Impact of Code Obfuscation to Software Energy Consumption

Christian Bunse

Energy Consumption and Hardware Utilization of Standard Software: Methods and Measurements for Software Sustainability

Achim Guldner, Eva Kern, Marcel Garling, Marlies Morgen, Lorenz M. Hilty, Stefan Naumann

Solar Cadaster of Geneva: A Decision Support System for Sustainable Energy Management

Alberto Susini, Gilles Desthieux, Carneiro Claudio

GranMicro: Black box based approach for optimizing microservices based applications

Ola Mustafa, Jorge Marx Gómez, Hergen Pargmann, Mohamad Hamed

ENG2: WS Energy Aware Software-Engineering and Development
Location: A12
Chair: Stefan Naumann

Software based Estimation of Software induced Energy Dissipation with powerstat

Yannick Becker, Stefan Naumann

Analyzing Green Software Strategies within a Service Design Process

Nelly Condori Fernandez, Patricia Lago

Date: Thursday, 14/Sep/2017
EI: Environmental Informatics
Location: A12
Chair: Bernd Page

A Help Desk to support Data Sharing in Environmental Research Communities

Martina Zilioli, Simone Lanucara, Oggioni Alessandro, Carrara Paola

Crowdsourcing wood consumption data for environmental research: the bootstrap design problem

Selamawit Molla Fossum, Susana Lopez-Aparicio, Håvard Røen

Development and Design of a Graphical Language for Sustainability Knowledge Communication

Benno Schmidt, Christian Danowski-Buhren

Toward Improving Solar Panel Efficiency with Reinforcement Learning

David Abel, Emily Reif, Edward C. Williams, Michael L. Littman

OSD: WS Open Source and Open Data - Transparent Modelling
Location: A12
Chair: Berit Müller
Chair: Jochen Wittmann

Introducing and Discussing an International Metadata Set for Data Related to Energy System Analyses

Ludwig Hülk, Berit Müller

Open data in studies of the water–energy–food nexus

Simon Charles Lambert, Vasily Bunakov

A visual understanding of metadata towards an Open Data reuse and exploitation

Paulo Carvalho

An Open Database Concept for Open Energy Modeling

Martin Glauer, Stephan Günther, Ludwig Huelk, Wolf-Dieter Bunke

GIS: GIS Applications
Location: A12
Chair: Ulrich Leopold

Research on the potential environmental zonation of red flesh dragon fruit in Vinh Phuc province

Minh Doan Thi Nhat, Cong Dao Thien, Nam Nguyen Ta, Hang Nguyen Thanh, Hang Tran Thi Le, Son Le Thanh, Manh Vu Van

Consulting Database Geology and Soil in Schleswig-Holstein

Friedhelm Hosenfeld, Karen Bäzner, Meike Nitschke, Bernd König

Software Support for Spatial ETL Processes

Wassilios Kazakos, Andreas Abecker

Lichen cover mapping in southern Norway – a multi-scale analysis with remote sensing and GIS

Silja Zimmermann, Jörg Löffler, Olena Dubovyk, Carsten Oldenburg

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