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Session Overview
Date: Wednesday, 13/Sep/2017
Location: Salle José Ensch
Chair: Benoît Otjaques

Opening words by Benoît Otjacques, Chair of Enviroinfo 2017, and Volker Wohlgemuth, Chairman of the Technical Committee of Environmental Informatics, GI

Welcome speech by Lucien Hoffmann, Director of Department 'Environmental Research and Innovation' (ERIN) at LIST

Inaugural address by André Weidenhaupt, Premier Conseiller de Gouvernement, Ministère du Développement durable et des Infrastructures, Département de l'environnement, Luxembourg

Keynote by Márta Nagy-Rothengass, Head of Unit "Data and metadata services and standardisation"​ - EUROSTAT: Statistical data standardisation

MT1: Main track
Location: Salle José Ensch
Chair: Volker Wohlgemuth

Using Twitter for Geolocation Purposes in Small Cities – a case study for Hanse Sail 2016 in Rostock

Ferdinand Vettermann, Christian Seip, Ralf Bill

A literature survey of information systems facilitating the identification of industrial symbiosis

Guido van Capelleveen, Chintan Amrit, Devrim Murat Yazan

Estimating the Impact of Agriculture on the Environment by means of ICT, Geospatial and Big Data Analysis: The Case of Catalonia

Andreas Kamilaris, Francesc X. Prenafeta-Boldú, Anton Assumpcio, August Bonmati Blasi, Marta Torrellas

New opportunities for forest management using Copernicus data - Sentinels for Thuringian Information Systems

Martyna Anna Stelmaszczuk-Górska, Herbert Sagischewski, Sergej Chmara

KN1: Keynotes by Benjamin Hourte and Sophie Maldague
Location: Salle José Ensch
Chair: Stefan Naumann

Benjamin Hourte, Technology Director, EarthLab Luxembourg S.A.: Deep Learning Factory : Empowering strategic decisions through data treatments

Sophie Maldague, Audi Brussels SA/NV: Sustainability and property management of an industrial site

MT2: Main track
Location: Salle José Ensch
Chair: Klaus Greve

Initial Assessment of Air Pollution and Emergency Ambulance Calls in 35 Israeli Cities

Barak Fishbain, Eli Yafe

A Central Database for Groundwater Contamination by Nitrate Loads in Germany

Andreas Abecker, Wassilios Kazakos

MT3: Main track
Location: Salle José Ensch
Chair: Stefan Naumann

Smart Monitoring System of air quality and wall humidity aaccompanying an energy efficient renovation process of apartment buildings

Grit Behrens, Johannes Weicht, Klaus Schlender, Florian Fehring, Rouven Dreimann, Michael Meese, Frank Hamelmann, Christoph Thiel, Thorsten Försterling, Marc Wübbenhorst

Date: Thursday, 14/Sep/2017
KN2: Keynotes by Sabina Dolenc and Frank Hearl
Location: Salle José Ensch
Chair: Stefan Naumann

Sabina Dolenc, Sinergize, Slovenia: Sentinel Hub - next generation platform for satellite imagery applications

Frank J. Hearl, Chief of Staff - National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, USA: Computer Science: Improving the Environment and the Workplace.

POS: Poster impulse session
Location: Salle José Ensch
Poster authors will be present during the breaks on Thursday
Posters will be shown all the day

Life cycle assessment for overspray scrubbers with material flow models

Corana Seewald, Steffen Witte, Roman Meininghaus, Volker Wohlgemuth

Bayesian Material Flow Analysis and systematic hybrid Sankey diagrams

Richard Lupton, Julian Allwood

Saving spatio-temporal data obtained by a simulation in the research of mosquito dispersal

Stephan Adolf

Industrial Symbiosis Recommenders

Guido van Capelleveen

User-Centered Resource Management for Background Services

Jens Dede, Asanga Udugama, Anna Förster

PROBA-V Time-series Analysis Toolbox

René Kopeinig, Ulrich Leopold., Francesco Bongiovanni, Thomas Udelhoven, Martin Schlerf

MT4: Main track
Location: Salle José Ensch
Chair: Werner Geiger

A Lightweight Web Components Framework for Accessing Generic Data Services in Environmental Information Systems

Eric Braun, Alessa Radkohl, Christian Schmitt, Thorsten Schlachter, Clemens Düpmeier

A Data Context and Architecture for Automotive Recycling

Clayton Burger, Alexandra Pehlken

From Sensors to Users - Using Microservices for the Handling of Measurement Data

Thorsten Schlachter, Eric Braun, Clemens Düpmeier, Hannes Müller, Martin Scherrer

GET-IT, a software suite for easy, interoperable sharing of ecological data in the Long Term Ecological Research Network

Simone Lanucara, Martina Zilioli, Oggioni Alessandro, Carrara Paola

MT5: Main track
Location: Salle José Ensch
Chair: Eva Kern

A Framework for Optimizing Energy Efficiency in Data Centers

Volkan Gizli, Jorge Marx Gómez

Categorization of established methodologies used in operation and maintenance simulations of offshore wind farms, a literature review

Dirk Bendlin, Volker Berkhout, Gerrit Wolken-Möhlmann, Jorge Marx Gómez

Blockchain as Enabler for Machine Economy – New Governance for Renewable Energies

Thomas Rose, Thomas Osterland

Methodology for optimally sizing a green electric and thermal eco-village

Sasan Rafii-Tabrizi, Jean-Régis Hadji-Minaglou, Frank Scholzen, Florin Capitanescu

MT6: Main track
Location: Salle José Ensch
Chair: Benoît Otjaques

Energy Data Management in an Eco Learning Factory with Traditional SME Characteristics

Heiko Henning Thimm

Goal-based automation of peer-to-peer electricity trading

Jordan Paul Murkin, Ruzanna Chitchyan, David Ferguson

Digitization of Decentralized Corporate Energy Systems: Supportive best-practiced methods for the energy domain

Christine Koppenhoefer, Jan Fauser, Dieter Hertweck

Date: Friday, 15/Sep/2017
Location: Salle José Ensch
Chair: Rod McCall
Short and Work in Progress papers

A hybrid data-model decision tool for the assessment of the pump cavitation risk in wastewater treatment plants

Dario Torregrossa, Joachim Hansen, Ulrich Leopold

An Open Database Concept for Open Energy Modeling

Martin Glauer, Stephan Günther, Ludwig Huelk, Wolf-Dieter Bunke

Deploying Mobile Sensor Platforms to increase Data Density in Crisis and Disaster Management

Johannes Schabauer

Integration of SAR and Optical Remote Sensing Data for Mapping of Mangroves Extents

Ayman Abdel-Hamid, Olena Dubovyk, Islam Abou El-Magd, Gunter Menz

Merging and calibration of radar rain products for quantification of input uncertainty in urban drainage modelling for the Haute-Sûre catchment in Luxembourg

Jairo Arturo Torres-Matallana, F. Cecinati, V. Bellos, Ulrich Leopold

User-Centered Resource Management for Background Services

Jens Dede, Asanga Udugama, Anna Förster

Structural equation model of the ecoinnovation

Pawel Bartoszczuk

The Industrial Ecology Digital Laboratory

Konstantin Stadler, Radek Lonka, Evert Bouman, Guillaume Majeau-Bettez, Anders Hammer Strømman

Multi-Sensor Time Series Data Fusion for Agricultural Drought Assessment: Limitations and Potential

Gohar Ghazaryan, Olena Dubovyk, Nataliia Kussul, Jürgen Schellberg

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