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Session Overview
1.4: Workshop Information Retrieval
Wednesday, 01/June/2022:
10:45am - 12:00pm

Location: Zeelenberg

Session Abstract

Search Summary Tables (SST) are a way of combining the search results into a table for analysis. This workshop will be a practical session and will involve completing one. There will be a short presentation followed by a practice. We will come back together at set intervals to share what we have done before moving onto the next practice. We are aiming for it to be interactive and informative, attendees will have to have their own laptops with excel on it. They can bring their own data to work with but we will also provide data for the practice sessions.

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ID: 190 / 1.4: 1
Interactive Workshop
Topics: Information retrieval and evidence syntheses

Have a go at completing a search summary table

Alison Bethel, Naomi Shaw

University of Exeter, United Kingdom