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P2: Plenary Speakers - Guus van den Brekel & Jasmin Schmitz
Wednesday, 01/June/2022:
3:45pm - 5:00pm

Session Chair: Eugenie Delvaux
Session Chair: Winnie Schats
Location: Willem Burgerzaal

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ID: 1238 / P2: 1
Plenary Presentation
Topics: Information retrieval and evidence syntheses

Into the User Environment 2022!

Guus van den Brekel

University Medical Center Groningen, Netherlands, The

« Into the User Environment Now!» was the title of my first plenary presentation at an EAHIL conference.

It pictured how -back in 2006- how users and the information landscape changed rapidly, and what we needed to do about it as medical libraries, to keep up the pace, to not loose the connection with the user.

Technologies to embrace, actions to take…

This update pictures where things went right, wrong or very different! And it discusses where we are now in 2022, with a peek into possible futures, from the perspective of a medical library in a Dutch academic hospital, facilitating patient care, education ánd research support.

Biography and Bibliography
Guus van den Brekel is medical information specialist at the Central Medical Library of the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), in north of the Netherlands. His work includes developing, maintaining of library services and tools for staff and students, as well as innovation. As such he is also the ‘go-between’ for the IT-departments regarding library systems and services. Research Impact and Support is his major focus currently. He is coordinator for the UMCG’s current research information system (PURE). In general, he is always on the lookout for tools & services that make the workflow of hospital staff, researchers, teachers and students easier and more efficient.

ID: 1239 / P2: 2
Plenary Presentation
Topics: Data

Scientific misconduct in the medical and health sciences and means to avoid it (at least partially)

Jasmin Schmitz

ZB MED - Information Centre for Life Sciences, Germany

Scientific misconduct and good scientific practices/research integrity are two sides of the same coin. Especially in the medical and health sciences misconduct can cause severe damage. Therefore, if errors are spotted publications should be corrected or retracted.

Scientific misconduct can either be performed deliberately or by mistake or rather lack of knowledge.

Besides a general introduction to the topic, the talk will also give an overview on practices and tools that can help to reduce at least such forms of misconduct that happened unintentionally.

Biography and Bibliography
Jasmin Schmitz received a PhD in information science. She worked as a freelance trainer for a commercial provider for scientific information and as scientific project coordinator in the field of bibliometrics. At ZB MED she is responsible for the publication advisory services.

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