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Tuesday, 31/May/2022:
9:00am - 12:00pm

Location: Conference Centre Engels (external location)

Session Abstract

Searching for health care guidelines is often thought of as more or less comparable to searching for (systematic) reviews. Nevertheless, there are substantial differences! For guidelines for example, it is not feasible to create a search strategy for every question as if in a systematic review, simply because of the time constraints. Furthermore in searching for guidelines you don’t have to search that exhaustively, but much more search for the best evidence on which the recommendations can be based, or, in case of an update of a guideline, search for literature that might change the existing recommendations. In this course we will teach you step-by-step the entire process of high quality searching for guidelines, from the (primary) questions untill the presentation of the search, including analysis of questions, different kinds of guidelines, searching for various aspects, including research design (filters), reporting and presentation of the strategies. And, of course, your professional role in searching for guidelines, being held responsible for the evidence base and becoming a co-author. This process will be illustrated with several cases and different study designs. During this course participants need to be actively involved and there will be plenty of room for your own experience and discussion. At the end of this course you will be able to start searching for guidelines and to make a distinction between searching for guidelines and systematic reviews.

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ID: 172 / CEC2: 1
Continuing Education (CEC) Session
Topics: Information retrieval and evidence syntheses

Expert searching for health care guidelines

Ingeborg van Dusseldorp1, Hans Ket2

1Knowledge Institute of the Association of Medical Specialists, Netherlands, The; 2Amsterdam UMC, locatation VUmc

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