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4.3: Workshop Education
Thursday, 02/June/2022:
1:45pm - 3:30pm

Location: Schadee

Session Abstract

How do you teach PubMed to students? What choices do you make? What do you skip and where do you focus on? What questions do students ask and how are students assessed in your classes? For many students, searching PubMed is the same as shopping on the Internet: you can wander around for hours without finding the right article. Do you recognize this? If so, join the workshop Shopping in PubMed. In this workshop you will not only learn about the way PubMed is taught to students at our institute, but we will especially exchange experiences with each other about how you teach it or would like to teach. We begin with a demonstration of how we, as information specialists, teach students to do an evidence-based search. We explain our choices: how do they conjure up evidence-based articles in this huge database? Why do we use MeSH en tiab, and filters as less as possible? What is a good timing in education to introduce PubMed? How do we support students in their search and why did we choose this type of support? We show successively the start screen, the advanced environment and searching with MeSH and title/abstract. We do this by using a step-by-step plan and an example. We will also review and discuss various search strings. Furthermore, we show what tools we use for this, such as LibGuides, a blog, videos, PowerPoints, ask-a-librarian, etc. Everyone has their own way of searching and teaching PubMed. There is plenty of space to exchange views with each other on how PubMed is taught, could be taught or should be taught.

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ID: 167 / 4.3: 1
Interactive Workshop
Topics: Education

Shopping in PubMed

Irma van Houts1, Sietske Vergeer2

1HAN, Netherlands, The; 2HAN, Netherlands, The

Biography and Bibliography
2. PubMed vernieuwd. In: IP vakblad voor informatieprofessionals, 2020/03

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