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Session Overview
3.4: Workshop Information Retrieval
Thursday, 02/June/2022:
10:30am - 12:15pm

Location: Schadee

Session Abstract

In the weeks before the conference information specialists from our organization will select a client that asked them for assistance for a systematic review and invite them to the interactive workshop. The presenter of the workshop will not know the topic or the researcher that was selected. The information specialists of our medical library will share the research question with the participants, who have registered before the workshop, so that they can prepare a search strategy on the topic, and send it to the information specialists. They will compare the search terms used by the audience and the elements used in the searches as well as the results that were retrieved. During the workshop an experienced information specialist will interview the researcher and from scratch develop a search strategy on the research topic in, and then translate the search strategy to Medline via Ovid. Together with the researcher the searches will be compared. Have relevant references been missed by the live search that were retrieved by the audience and did the live search find relevant references that had not been retrieved by the audience? The choices made by the audience and the live information specialist will be compared and the effects on the outcome of the searches discussed.

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ID: 173 / 3.4: 1
Interactive Workshop
Topics: Information retrieval and evidence syntheses

Live searching with Wichor Bramer

Wichor Bramer, Elise Krabbendam, Sabrina Gunput, Maarten Engel

Erasmus MC, Netherlands, The

Biography and Bibliography
Wichor Bramer is medical information specialist at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. He has developed a method that helps him create searches for systematic reviews much faster than other information specialists. He successfully defended his PhD thesis on this topic in October 2019.

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