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2.2: Workshop Education
Wednesday, 01/June/2022:
2:00pm - 3:15pm

Location: Schadee

Session Abstract

Suppose you are going to organize a workshop on a medical topic. Or you need to teach a class to students. What is your approach? What sources do you use? Do you design your own materials or do you copy paste open educational resources (OER) from others and adapt them? In this workshop, we put Open Educational Resources (OER) in the spotlight. The creation, sharing and (re)use of open and digital learning materials is rapidly growing. Not only in the context of open access developments, but also as a result of corona. Teachers are better able to innovate and professionalize their teaching when they have access to a multitude of openly accessible digital educational resources. We visit various international hotspots, such as OER and Merlot, and we zoom in on developments in our country, where communities for OER have been developed for nursing and information literacy. In this environment, higher education in our country collaborates on OERs. We focus on creative commons licenses, the use of images, the development of subject vocabularies, and quality models. The workshop will also address the added value of open and digital educational resources (what's in it for me?) and the barriers that teachers experience. In a Padlet we collect together sources of information for medical OERs. Hopefully you will find new resources here that you can use. And we will share the Manual Field Lab of Open Educational 2 Resources, a package of materials that you can use to actively engage with open educational resources yourself.

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ID: 166 / 2.2: 1
Interactive Workshop
Topics: Education

Open Educational Resources in the spotlight

Irma van Houts1, Sietske Vergeer2

1HAN, Netherlands, The; 2HAN, Netherlands, The

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