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Thursday, 06/Aug/2020:
11:15am - 11:40am

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Success Strategies of Mobile Instant Messengers Sticker(Emoticon) Design - Focusing on ‘LINE’ and ‘KakaoTalk’ in South Korea

Eunhye Min1, Boram Park2

1Hongik University IDAS, Korea, Republic of (South Korea); 2Hongik University IDAS, Korea, Republic of (South Korea)

The purpose of this study is to study and analyze the design method for revitalizing the MIM Sticker market through the analysis of the success strategy of the design in LINE and KakaoTalk in South Korea. Today, a Sticker has become a significant communication element due to the development of smartphones and MIMs, as well as creating a new revenue market. In particular, South Korea’s Sticker market has developed relatively faster than other countries, focusing on MIM called LINE and KakaoTalk, and sales in the Sticker market, as well as the offline market, are steadily increasing. On the other hand, overseas MIM's Sticker market, such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, has a significantly higher global share and more users than LINE and KakaoTalk is relatively slow in development and has poor performance.

In this study, through the theoretical considerations of MIM and Emoticon, the importance of the Sticker market in South Korea is recognized by recognizing the importance of Sticker in modern society, and in particular, understanding the size of the Sticker market in South Korea. Among Korean MIMs, we study and analyze Sticker design methods of LINE and KakaoTalk, which serve as a market that connects creative and profit, as well as the role of MIM.

LINE, which has a high level of foreigner's Sticker usage and purchase rate, focuses on analyzing the Sticker's global market, and KakaoTalk, which systematically creates and operates a market linking creation and profit, focuses on vitalizing the Sticker development environment compare and analyze. Afterwards, MIM companies such as providers and producers should expand the Sticker market globally, not just in South Korea, but also activate the platform and environment where users can use and access the Sticker, and seek new ways with constant and deep attention other than the cases of LINE and KakaoTalk to boost the Sticker market.

Congruence of Service Design and Business Value considering Digitally Connected World

Ravi Mahamuni, Shivani Ganwani

Tata Consultancy Services, India

Service Design discipline has by now proven its usefulness. Despite the reliable interconnections between good design and business performance, businesses, at times, lack the confidence to invest in deploying novel service concepts that call for service users’ adopting new ways. The question ‘what is design worth?’ keeps haunting designers and the same holds for service design. In the face of a digitally connected world, the design impact is still not measured objectively with the same rigor of time, effort and cost. Designers even lack showcasing the indirect connection between the design aspects and business value.

As an initial step towards solving this, traceability between the service design interventions and the business value in pre, during, and post phase of service design is essential. The confidence in novel service concepts builds when it indicates the possible business impact. Congruence of service design with business value will help to gain the confidence of business decision-makers. This paper proposes a knowledge framework to identify and visualize the connections between design interventions and business impact to showcase their congruence. The framework is conceptualized through an iterative process and applied on three case studies which demonstrated its benefits.

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