Conference Agenda

Session Overview
Location: 4116 JFSB
West English Seminar Room
Date: Friday, 25/Feb/2022
S03: Session 3
Location: 4116 JFSB
Chair: Molly Caitlin Morin

How Do We Want To Do This? Launching #CritRoleBib as DH Project & Fan Resource

Maria Alberto

Close Reading in the “Audio Age”: Audiobooks Pedagogy and the Victorian Novel

Ashley Nadeau

“Be Stone No More”: Helping Public Art Tell New Stories in New Ways

Matthew Nickerson

S06: Session 6
Location: 4116 JFSB
Chair: Ashley Nadeau

“What the French?!”: Exploring whether Standard, y’know, is, man...

Adam Frank McBride, Brian Croxall

The Dictionary of Direct Discourse: Computational Text Analysis of Novelistic Dialogue

Lloyd Kevin Alimboyao Sy

Out of Order

Solmaz Kive

Date: Saturday, 26/Feb/2022
S09: Panel
Location: 4116 JFSB
Chair: Elizabeth Smart

More Than Muses: A Digital Library of Texts by Iberian Women Writers

Anna-Lisa Halling, Jeremy Browne, Valerie Hegstrom

S12: Session 12
Location: 4116 JFSB
Chair: Maria Alberto

Building community partnerships through digital literacy instruction

Rebekah Cummings, David Roh

Being Human in the Age of Technology: The Saga of Utah Tech University

Randy Jasmine

Digital Humanities Research: Writing In, Writing For, Writing About

Ed Nagelhout

S15: Panel
Location: 4116 JFSB
Chair: David S Roh

Modeling Data: The Materiality of Methods

Nikki Stevens, Molly Morin, Julia Panko