Conference Agenda

Workshop and discussion: Digital Approaches to Endangered Language Communities: A Nordic Perspective
Tuesday, 17/Mar/2020:
12:00pm - 5:00pm

Session Chair: Valts Ernštreits
Location: Livonian Institute (University of Lavia)
Kronvalda bulvāris 4 – 220, Riga
The workshop and discussion organized by the Livonian Institute of the University of Latvia. Time and place: 12.00–17.00, 17 March 2020 at the UL Livonian Institute (Kronvalda bulvāris 4 – 220). More:

Session Abstract

Organized by Valts Ernštreits and Gunta Kļava (University of Latvia Livonian Institute)

Time and place: 12.00–17.00, 17 March 2020 at the UL Livonian Institute (Kronvalda bulvāris 4 – 220, Riga)

This seminar is focused on the digital resources and research methods of endangered languages. The first section (12.00 –14.00) will be about various linguistic tools and resources developed in the Nordic countries for endangered languages like Livonian, Sámi, Võro, Votic, and others as well as the use of these tools for research and language revitalization. The second section (15.00–17.00) will be an open discussion led by the curators of language resources discussing a range of subjects, such as: language as a key to intangible culture heritage; are digital language tools a priority for smaller ethnic groups; the challenges of creating digital language resources and tools for endangered languages; the possibilities and challenges of using automated translation tools for research and language revitalization; which basic digital tools are indispensable for endangered language survival; the opportunities and challenges of small cultures and communities in the digital world; language development as a priority for cultures of small ethnic groups; digital language tools – the key element for ensuring access to digital tools, etc.


Valts Ernštreits, The University of Latvia Livonian Institute.

Sullõv Jüvä (Sulev Iva), University of Tartu and Võro Institute.

Kristian Kankainen, freelance language technologist (MTÜ Keeleleek).

Jack Rueter, University of Helsinki.

Trond Trosterud, University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway.

The seminar is organized as a part of the Conference of Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries DHN 2020.


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