Conference Agenda

Workshop: Intellectual History and the Digital Humanities: Prospects and Challenges
Tuesday, 17/Mar/2020:
1:30pm - 5:00pm

Location: Hall A
Organized by Benjamin Martin (Uppsala University), Mark Hill (Helsinki University)

Session Abstract

In this workshop, we bring together an international group of historians actively engaged with these questions for a half-day of presentations, discussion and debate, focusing on four themes:

1. What Can DH Do for Intellectual History (and Vice Versa)?: An introductory panel discussion

2. Networking Intellectual History: Digital network analysis for historians of science and ideas

3. (Digital) History of Concepts: How are digital methods changing conceptual history?

4. How To Do It: Models of collaboration between intellectual historians and data scientists.

Discussions of the use of digital methods in a particular humanistic field often become highly technical, with a focus on a particular practical problem or programming-related solution. In this workshop, by contrast, we will combine short presentations on on-going research with ample discussion, in a round-table format, designed to address broader issues about the significance and value of digital methods for the way intellectual historians pursue their field’s most important goals.

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