Conference Agenda

Tutorial: An Introduction to Computer Vision for Working with Maps
Tuesday, 17/Mar/2020:
9:20am - 5:20pm

Location: Maps Reading Room (Level 6)
Organized by Daniel van Strien (Living with Machines, British Library), Katie McDonough (Living with Machines, The Alan Turing Institute), Kaspar Beelen (Living with Machines, The Alan Turing Institute), Kasra Hosseini (Living with Machines, The Alan Turing Institute), Amy Krause (Living with Machines, The University of Edinburgh)

Session Abstract

Annotation: This practical workshop will explore how we can use modern computer vision methods to work with maps. The workshop will use Python tools to extract information from maps at scale and explore some of the potential challenges of using this approach. The workshop will also take some time to discuss theoretical implications of these methods for both researchers and GLAM institutions.

Intended audience: researchers, curators and librarians interested in using computer vision with digitised visual materials.

Requirements: participants will need a laptop with access to Chrome or Firefox.

Prerequisites: experience with Python and Jupyter notebooks will be advantageous but it should be possible to follow without this.

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