Conference Agenda

Towards deterioration, disappearance or destruction? Discussing the critical issue of long-term sustainability of digital humanities projects
Thursday, 19/Mar/2020:
1:50pm - 3:20pm

Session Chair: Mats Fridlund
Location: Hall D
Level -1
Panel participants:
James Smithies, Director of King’s College Digital Lab, United Kingdom
Jessica Parland-von Essen, Senior Coordinator at CSC– IT Center for Science, Finland
Sean Takats, FNR PEARL Chair at Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History, Luxembourg
Victoria Johansson, Deputy Director of Lund University Humanities Lab, Sweden

Session Abstract

A critical issue in the development of digital humanities, in the Nordic countries as well as in the rest of the world, is how to guarantee long-term sustainability, maintenance and preservation of digital projects, web sites and databases. This is a complex and multifaceted problem spanning the past, present and future of digital humanities scholarship. There are a large number of digital projects created for the last couple of decades that currently lacks maintenance and maintainers whose embodied knowledge and functionality risks being deteriorated, disappeared or destroyed. Furthermore, there currently exists no agreed standards or requirements on as well as proposals for long-term collective or institutional infrastructure solutions which currently makes it into the task for institutions or individual practitioners to develop their own solutions, resulting in a plethora of local institutional solutions. The aim of the panel is to survey and discuss the state of the art of the larger problem and of possible collective national or transnational solutions. The workshop participants are researchers and managers with long and varied experiences of creating, maintaining and sustaining digital projects making this into a hopefully first step towards developing collectively agreed upon standards and solutions for this intractable problem.

External Resource: Contact details:
Mats Fridlund
Centre for Digital Humanities
Faculty of Humanities,
University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Tel. +46-709 428791 Skype: matsfrid
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