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Session Overview
Date: Sunday, 28/Feb/2021
Sci Sess 1: Scientific Session 1
Location: Seminar Room A
Chair: Tim Be****, ABS, United Kingdom

Test Contribution Altendorfer Hübl

Klaus Altendorfer, Ivanee Test, Alexander Hübl

Die Interdisziplinarität zwischen Multikonfession und Pseudoprofession

Pluto and the Definition of Planets

Takis Marlandis

My poster is the best

Indus Sess 1: Industrial Session 1
Location: Seminar Room B
Chair: Moh Ba****, MMU, England

A Short Contribution from France

Mathieu Morell

Invited: Invited Talk No. 1: Albert Einstein
Location: Main Auditorium
Chair: Karin Ar****, U Victoria, Canada
Sci Sess 2: Scientific Session 2
Location: Seminar Room A
Chair: Albert Be****, Uni Paderborn, Germany

Vogelgrippe-Erreger H5N1ξ weltweit weiter auf dem Vormarsch

Robert Rad, Wim Wurf, Hugo Hügel

Liberalizatuin of Energy and Consumption

Grol Ratasa, Prom Krolla Moh Barrie

Web Services in B2B-Environments

Ka-Jing Lee, Benson Cheng

Indus Sess 2: Industrial Session 2
Location: Seminar Room B
Chair: Bert Be****, Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, Germany

Mein schönes Paper

Francois Henrotte


A Short Paper

Invited 2: Invited Talk No. 2: Alexander von Humboldt
Location: Main Auditorium
Chair: Annabel Kä****, Congress Innsbruck, Austria