Topic: How to connect events from participant registration of ConfTool Pro to external resources  (Read 7171 times)

For our online conference, we are offering different workshops. For each workshop we have set up a virtual room.
How can we make sure that only participants who have booked the corresponding workshops will get access to the virtual rooms?

(A German version of this article is available.)

Each event/item of the participant registration can be linked to external resources as described below. Furthermore, local time zone information can be added. This is useful if an event has many international participants.

Adding External Resources and Activating Access
When you use the participant registration module, you can add a link to an external resource to each event in ConfTool. You can make this resource accessible to participants on the page “Summary of Your Selected Options” which you have to enable separately.

First, please proceed to the events to enter the resources:
Overview => Settings => Manage Events and Items
In the section “External Resource Data” for the option “External Resource” enter the URL to the external resource, such as your online meeting tool. You can also enter several URLs or additional text if required.

With the option “Access to External Resource” you can decide who will have access to it. The resource can be disabled, accessible to participants who have booked this event or registered participants without debt (see image 1).
Continue to enable the page “Summary of Your Selected Options” for participants. This page will show a list of all booked events including the corresponding links to external resources.

Please go to the page “Main Settings for Participant Registration”:
Overview => Settings => Main Settings for Participant Registration
Scroll down to the bottom of the page. In the section “Show Summary of Bookings and Links to External Resources” first choose a setting for the option ‘Show Page "Summary of Your Selected Options"’. You can decide if you want the page to be available for all participants or only for those without any debts. Then continue to enable the module via the toggle switch and set a start and an end date.

With the option “Show External Resources of Booked Events” you can decide if and when the links to external resources are supposed to appear for each event.

You can also activate the option “Convert Links to External Resources to Buttons”. Find more information about that topic here: Display links to external resources in agenda and summary of bookings as buttons (see image 2). If you do not want to enter your own HTML code for external resource links, we usually recommend that you enable this option.

Activating Local Time Zone Information
The local time zone display is an option that can be useful for online / virtual conferences when you expect participants from different time zones. It is usually not helpful for on-site conferences.

You can update the option "Show Local Time Zone Information" here:
Overview => Settings => Main Settings for Participant Registration
Please use the drop-down list to select whether additional information regarding the local time zone of the conference is shown on page "Summary of Your Selected Options" or not (see image 2).

Please make sure that the date and time for the events were selected and not entered as text:
Overview => Settings => Manage Events and Items
For the option “Event Date Input Mode” choose the setting “Select event start and end date and time”. Then continue to select the date and time when the event starts and ends (see image 3).
After this setting has been enabled and the time and date has been selected for the event, additional information about the current conference time will be available on the page "Summary of Your Selected Options".

To give users the option to choose their personal time zone, please go to:
Overview => Settings => Settings for User Registration => Fields of the User Registration Form
… scroll down to the option “Select Box for Time Zone”, change the setting to “Yes” and click on the button “Save Data”.

Users can now select their local time zone when they create a new user account or when they edit their user details.

When users open the page "Summary of Your Selected Options" their selected personal time zone as well as the current local time are shown (see image 4).