Topic: Making the keys/codes visible that are used for the phrases of ConfTool Pro  (Read 50402 times)

We want to edit some wording of the system, for instance phrases that appear on invoices or confirmations of participation.

Since there are many codes with similar wording, does ConfTool Pro offer an option to identify the correct codes easily?

As ConfTool administrator you have the option to edit nearly all phrases in the system. You can do so in Settings => Wording and Phrases. Usually you can search for the phrase that you want to edit by entering a part of the phrase from the original text. But sometimes there are several hits and it’s hard to figure out which are the right codes or no codes are found.

To identify the right codes, you can go to the page or document you would like to edit and add ‘&lang=codes’ at the end of the URL in the browser address bar (by typing in this string manually). If you now hit return, the language keys/codes are displayed instead of the phrases usually visible on that specific page (see image 1).

To identify the strings used for a particular PDF file generated from ConfTool Pro, for instance the confirmation for participation, please copy the link address to the clipboard first, then paste the address to the address bar of the browser and finally add “&lang=codes” to it.

Example: Go to the details of a participant (User and Participant Management => Participants => click on a name to get the Details of the Participant's Registration), and then right-click on 'Confirmation Letter' and select Copy Link Address or Copy Link Location from the popup menu of your browser (image 2). Now paste the address into the browser and add ‘&lang=codes’ at the end. When you click return, the PDF document will be displayed with keys/codes in the places where usually you would find regular phrases linked to these codes (see image 3).

With this information, please go to:
Settings => Wording and Phrases
… and enter the codes visible on the page or in the PDF file, like S_CONFIRMATION_INTRO (image 4) and then edit the text.

Hint: You can find quick-links to the wording of all types of confirmation letters (Invitation for Authors, VISA Invitation Letter, Confirmation of Attendance for Participants) in the section 'Modify the Text of the Confirmation Letters' at the bottom of this page:
Overview => Settings = > Settings for Confirmation Letters
Click on the link of the confirmation letter you want to modify to get the list of all corresponding phrases (see image 5).

See also: HTML Basics and Hidden phrases in ConfTool Pro to add extra wording.