Topic: How to assign contributions to several sessions  (Read 27080 times)

Is it possible to assign an accepted contribution to several sessions?

For our conference we have planned two poster sessions running at different times. All of the accepted posters will be presented in both sessions, and we want to represent this in the schedule created in ConfTool. While the assignment to the first session works well, we are not able to assign the posters to the second session. Can you please advise how to assign all posters to both sessions?

Currently, ConfTool Pro does not provide an option to assign contributions to several sessions, but there are two alternative approaches available.
1.   You can use "Referencing Sessions" to refer from one session to another session (called "Parent Session"). The referencing session always shows the same presentations as the parent session, but you can set another time and another room for the referencing session.

To enable referencing sessions, please go to:
Overview => Scheduling => Main Settings for Conference Session Overview
First, enable the expert settings on the bottom of the page by clicking on "Expert Settings Disabled" or the cogwheel. Then, scroll down to section “Further Options” and activate the setting "Enable Extra Session Types" (Image 1).
If enabled, you can select a "Session Type" for each new session (see Image 2). Please use the Session Type "Referencing Session", select a "Parent Session" from the list of existing sessions and set a new session time and location. You also have the option to enter an alternative title for this session (if the title field is left empty, the title of the parent session will be shown).

2.   Alternatively, you can use a more "manual" approach to create a copy of the presentations of a session. Please start by assigning the contributions to the first session. Please go to Overview => Scheduling => Create, Configure and Delete Sessions and create the second session. Use the normal session type and disable the option “Assign Contributions” for this second session (see upper green box Image 4). Now you can either:
  • copy the session output of the first session into the abstract input field of the second session (see Image 3), or
  • insert an HTML hyperlink into the input field “Further Information on the Session” (see lower green box of Image 4) with a related comment like “See session xxx for further details” (more Information on how to create HTML links can be found in the ConfTool documentation). Please note that you have to use the URL of the public session overview (instead of an internal page for chairs or administrators) as link reference.