Topic: Respond to peer review - let authors enter rebuttals  (Read 65435 times)

There will be a period of rebuttals to enable authors to respond to reviewers comments. How can we enable the phase for rebuttals and ensure that the authors get to see the reviewers results with comments?

ConfTool Pro provides two options which allows authors to provide feedback to reviews.
  • You can let authors rate each individual review based on a score with several factors and written comments.
    You can find more information here: Response to peer reviews - allow authors to rate received reviews.
  • You can let authors reply to all reviews for one submission in a written statement when you activate the rebuttal function.
    Let’s take a look at this function in detail.

First of all, the rebuttal phase has to be enabled. Please go to:
Overview => Settings => Main Settings for the Review Process
In the section "Enable Rebuttals for Authors", activate the corresponding function and also click on the checkbox for the option "Enable the module and select start and end date" to set the phase. You can also define the maximum length of rebuttals. (see image 1)

Check which acceptance status you want to assign to the submissions:
Overview => Submissions & Reviews => Results of the Reviewing Procedure & Decision About Acceptance

Please check the acceptance status, too:
Overview => Settings => Manage Acceptance Status
The acceptance status that is assigned to the submissions (e.g. "On Hold" or another, newly created status such as "Awaiting Rebuttal") must have the option "Show Results" set to "Detailed: Show also the detailed review results".
All other options should be set to "No". (see image 2)

For more information on the disply options of acceptance statuses, please take a look at this entry in the forum:,56.0.html