Topic: How to alter the states / territories / provinces of the registration page?  (Read 37800 times)

I would like to add the provinces of my country to the ConfTool registration page. How can I do this?
I would like to remove the selection of states / territories / provinces from the registration page.

The following instructions are for ConfTool Pro only!

Please be informed that it is now possible to set the list of countries with states and to enter or edit states/provinces/territories in the back-end of ConfTool.

You can set the countries for which provinces / states are to be displayed in the ConfTool configuration file (etc/conftool.conf.php).

The default setting is:
$ctconf['web/liststates'] = array('US','CA','AU');

If you have for instance a national conference and don't expect any participants from other countries, remove the selection by setting:
$ctconf['web/liststates'] = array();

If you expect only participants from the US, use:
$ctconf['web/liststates'] = array('US');

If you want to include other countries, add these ISO country codes to the list. Furthermore the states / provinces have to be added to the table "states" in the ConfTool database.
You find the definition for certain countries in the installation directory /install/states/

$ctconf['web/liststates'] = array('US','CA','AU','IT','BR','MX');

When you create a new list of states, please send it to us, so we can provide it to other organizers of your country, too!

If you use the standard version VSIS ConfTool, please open the file "lib/address.lib.php"

Here you can add states / provinces for new countries, but you need to alter the PHP source code.