Topic: Where do I set credit cards accepted for my event?  (Read 32374 times)

Example questions:
- We would like to have only two options: Visa and Mastercard. How can American Express be "turned off"?

- We would like to add American Express to the cards accepted. How do we proceed?

Please note that the accepted credit cards can (usually) not be defined in ConfTool, but the
supported cards are defined by your acquirer contract or the payment service provider being used.
The text shown in ConfTool is for information purposes only and should match the options offered by your acquirer/payment provider.

From our experience all payment providers support Visa and Mastercard as a standard.
Many acquirers require an supplement contract for American Express, JBC, Discover etc.

Please note PayPal supports Visa and Mastercard for clients/participants from all regions, but
more cards are supported depending on the country of the client and the merchant (e.g. American Express and Discover for clients from US, "Laser" for Irish clients, "Maestro Card" for clients from Austria - it's an Austrian credit card).

For Stripe it also depends on the region. Please see:

If you want to change the cards listed in ConfTool for your gateway system, please proceed here:
Overview => Settings => Manage Payment Options

The wordings for PayPal and Stripe payments can also be found in "Settings => Wordings and Phrases" (Forn instance search for "PayPal" or "Stripe" and "Mastercard") .