Conference Agenda

Session Overview
Date: Saturday, 10/Apr/2021
H: Paper Session_C5: Ecovillages, Urban Infill and Corner Lot Housing
Moderator: Laura Holden Hollengreen

Can Danish Ecovillages Demonstrate a Path to Reduce Domestic Energy Use?

Teresa Fotini Moroseos, Toke Haunstrup Christensen

The Checkerboard Charleston House; A Model for Passive Urban Infill Housing

Craig Griffen

Intricate Compatibility: Study of a Hillside Lot in Tokyo

Christopher Jarrett

H: Paper Session_C6: Representation, Perception and Pathfinding
Moderator: Mike Christenson

Synoptic Optics: Computational Representation at the Synoptic Scale

Stephen Mueller

Selective Attention and the Built Environment: Visual Perception of 2D Spatial Representations

Jennifer A E Shields

Cost in Space: A Value-Based Approach to Architectural Pathfinding

Jacklynn Niemiec, Steven Lilley

H: Paper Session_T10: Urban Environments, Evaluation and Assessment
Moderator: Kyounghee Kim

User-Driven Evaluation Of Emergent Patterns Of Space Use In Vertically Integrated Urban Environments

Srilalitha Gopalakrishnan, Daniel Wong, Ajaykumar Manivannan, Roland Bouffanais, Thomas Schroepfer

UrbanLCA: Developing Life Cycle Assessment System Boundary Guidelines for Comparable City Evaluations

Hala Alfalih, Tarek Rakha

Urban Heat Island Phenomenon: A Review and Comparison of Assessment Methodologies

Aysem Berrin Cakmakli, Hazem Rashed-Ali


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J: Paper Session_C7: Territory, Landform and Performative Infrastructure
Moderator: Jennifer A E Shields

Vision Machines of Territorial Control

Ersela Kripa

Performing Air: Landforms and Ventilation

Gabriel Fries-Briggs

Parks as Performative Landscapes: Networked Green Infrastructure for a Flooded Desert City

Courtney Crosson

J: Paper Session_O4: Mobility, Multiscalar Design and Environmental Quality
Moderator: Pravin Bhiwapurkar

Climate Change and Design: Multiscalar Design Research Within the Sonoran Desert

Aletheia Ida, Susannah Dickinson

Measuring the Impact of Environmental Quality on Elderly Residents Cognitive Functioning – A Critical Review

Nasrin Golshany, Ihab Elzeyadi

Walking the Walk. Pedestrian Mobility in Emerging Cities

Diana Maria Jimenez Aguilar

J: Paper Session_T11: Methods of Sustainability, LEED and Performative Environments
Moderator: Hazem Rashed-Ali

Methodology to Incorporate the Value of Sustainability in Buildings

Sandra Guerrero, Irene Marincic

LEED-certified Buildings Versus Non-LEED-certified Buildings: a Deep Dive Into the Performance

Ming Hu

From Nano to Building Scale: A Methodology for the Design and Fabrication of Acoustical Diffuses Based on Quasi-Crystalline Atomic Structure

Rima Ajlouni


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Clare Robinson and Jonathan Bean, University of Arizona, Co-Moderators

Michelle Addington, University of Texas at Austin, Panelist

Mona El Khafif, University of Virginia, Panelist

Mae-Ling Lokko, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Panelist

Gray Read, Florida International University, Panelist

Conference Closing 

Best Paper and Poster Award Announcement