Conference Agenda

Session Overview
Date: Friday, 09/Apr/2021
D: Paper Session_C3: Public Space, Parks and Performative Possibilities
Moderator: Brian Sinclair

Ostenda Illuminata: A Socio-Ecological 1:1 Prototype for Networked Public Spaces

Mona El Khafif, Andrew Mondschein, Eric Field, Luis Felipe Rosado Murillo

From String of Pearls to String of Parks: The Compelling Case of Doha, Qatar

Asmaa Saleh AL-Mohannadi, Brian Robert Sinclair, Raffaello Furlan, Rashid Saad Al-Matwi

Performance as Action. The Embodied Mind

Loukia Tsafoulia, Severino Alfonso

D: Paper Session_O2: Humanitarian Design, Public Health and Comparative Evaluation
Moderator: Christina Bollo

Imaginaries of Humanitarian Design: Material Versus Social Innovation in the Emergency Shelter

Natalie Florence Severy, Philip D. Plowright

Evidence-based Health Centre Design Recommendations for the Malawi Ministry of Health

Anthony Elia, Christopher John Harnish, Joshua Harmony

Design Evaluation and Public Health: Comparing Frameworks For Increased Health

Traci Rider, Pegah Mathur, Margaret van Bakergem

D: Paper Session_T4: Retrofit Measures, Systems and Solutions
Moderator: Rahman Azari

A Retrofit Scenario Analysis of Wall Systems Materials of a Low-Rise Commercial Building

Ash Ragheb

Cost-Effective Energy-Efficiency Retrofit Measures for Existing Buildings: Analysis for Reaching Net-Zero Energy Goals in Heating-Dominated Climate

Mohamed Hossam Mahmoud, Ajla Aksamija. PhD

Assessment of Deep Façade Retrofit Solutions for Housing

Ming Hu

D: Paper Session_T5: Thermal Perception, Boundaries and Comfort Assessment
Moderator: Luis Santos

Performative Environments Of Alliesthesia: Thermal Perception In Solar Screened Offices Under Different Sky Conditions

Niyati Sudhir Naik, Ihab Elzeyadi, Virginia Cartwright

Shape-Shifters: Mobile Thermal Boundaries Achieve High-performance for Variable Occupancies in Native American Homes

Malini Srivastava

Thermal Preference and Comfort Assessment: Historic Buildings in Hot and Humid Climates

Ezgi Bay, Antonio Martinez-Molina


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E: Paper Session_C4: Representation, Improvisation, and Visualization
Moderator: Philip Plowright

Online Bricollage: Toward an Architecture of Scavenged Means, Improvisational Methods and Decentralized Processes

Scott G Shall

The Medium isn't the Message Anymore: When the Renderings were too Good to be True

Aaron Brakke

On Conflicting Priorities Within Digital Models Of Urban Form

Mike Christenson

E: Paper Session_T6: Energy, Evaluation and Material Production
Moderator: Ming Hu

Impacts of Buildings’ Energy Data Adjustment on CBECS-Benchmarking Evaluations

Mahsa Farid Mohajer, Ajla Aksamija

Push And Pull Of Policy: Qualified Allocation Plans And The Design Of Subsidized Dwellings

Christina Bollo

Kawneer's "Machines for Selling" Modernism in the Postwar United States

Tait Johnson

E: Paper Session_T7: Daylighting, Empirical Predictions and Environmental Factors
Moderator: Ihab Elzeyadi

From Perception to Design: Daylight Glare Mitigation in Architectural Spaces

Tasbeeh Alaqtum, Altaf Engineer, Colby Moeller

Model Calibration for Circadian Daylighting in ALFA: Developing Empirical Circadian Predictions in Physical Scaled Model

Sara Sahebghalam, Adil Sharag-Eldin

A Pilot Study on the Contextual and Environmental Factors Influencing Window Shading Preference

Anupam Satumane, Siobhan Rockcastle

E: Workshop_W4: Developing an Architectural Research Agenda
Moderator: Adil Sharag-Eldin

Katy Janda, University College London, Panelist

Julia Robinson, University of Minnesota, Panelist

Panelists will present ideas, methods and organizational strategies for developing a well-defined architectural research agenda.


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F: Poster Session_P3
Moderator: Jonathan Yorke Bean

Methodology For The Valuation of Sustainability in Real Estate.

Sandra Guerrero, Irene Marincic

Spatial Improvisation Exercises for Architects

Gray Read

Informal Health Access in Liminal Space

Ulysses Vance

Human-Robot Interactive Synergy (HRIS)

Mona Hashemi, Ebrahim Poustinchi

Classification of Natural Plant Physiology, Behavior, and Morphology to Inform an Adaptive Architecture

Anahita Modrek, Aletheia Ida

Building a Morphology in the Historical Data of Urban Things

Brian Thomas Rex, Mahmoud Sadek, Autumn Schlomer

F: Poster Session_P4
Moderator: Valerian Miranda

Phoenix performs!

Elena Rocchi

Cities or Urbanization? Urbanism as Object | City as Process: Pedagogical Permutations + Provocations of the In-Between

Brian R. Sinclair, Alberto de Salvatierra

Development and Construction of The Field of Dreams EcoCommunity

Jörg Rügemer

Native Plant Roofs for Biodiversity

Meghan Blackson

Post-revolutionary discourse reflected through architecture in Hermosillo, Sonora (1920-1950.)

Anabel Leyva, Juan Luis Loredo

F: Workshop_W5: Initiative to Develop Dedicated NSF Funding for the Discipline of Architecture
Moderator: Hazem Rashed-Ali

Lawrence Bank, Georgia Institute of Technology

Hazem Rashed-Ali, ARCC Past-President, University of Texas at San Antonio

Chris Jarrett, ARCC President, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Introduction to an ARCC initiative to secure dedicated NSF funding for faculty in the discipline of architecture, including identifying community need and basic science questions. Q&A session to follow. 

F: Workshop_W6: Publishing with Taylor & Francis
Moderator: Alexandra Staub

Krystal Racaniello, Architecture Editor, Taylor & Francis, New York

A presentation by Taylor & Francis describing the process for publishing a book, from proposal submission to editorial assessment, peer review, contracts, timelines and manuscript delivery. Q&A session to follow. 


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ARCC Annual Awards Program

Recognition of ARCC's 2021 Awards Program Recipients


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G: Paper Session_O3: Community Participation and Decision-Making Practices
Moderator: Traci Rider

Expanding Youth Opportunity Studio: Design Research Engaging Community Participants

Julia Robinson, Alysha Price

Queering Arts-Based Development

Laura Katherine Walker, Michael David Styczynski

The New Stewards: How Non-Architects Shape Public Understanding and Decision-Making of the Built Environment

Irene Hwang

G: Paper Session_T8: Matter, Materials and Manufacturing
Moderator: Fauzia Sadiq Garcia

Non-Rigid Formwork System for Sustainable Concrete Construction

Giovanni Loreto, Arash Soleimani, Lauren Stewart

Plasticized Design: Fusing Plastic Chemistry and Architectural Design to address Health Impacts

Joiana Hooks

Investigating Scales Of Performance: Mycelium Ecomanufacturing In Dhaka’s Urban Settlements

Iffat Ridwana, Mae-ling Lokko

G: Paper Session_T9: Thermal Performance, Energy Use and Visualization
Moderator: Alison Kwok

Adaptive Model Conditions for Thermal Comfort in Schools: Comparative Study in Hot climates of California, Peru and Nairobi, Kenya

David Mwale Ogoli

Automated Energy Use Data Collection and Comparative Visualization in Public Schools for Game-Based Environmental Education for K-12 Students

Philip Reim, Yang Song, Malini Srivastava

Visualizing Thermodynamic Flows in Architectural Research: Multi-scalar Co-benefits of Waste-heat Utilization in Data Centers

Sara Ghaemi, Aletheia Ida

G: Workshop_W7: Writing for Architectural Journals: Guidelines, Tips, and Pitfalls
Moderator: Philip Plowright

Simi Hoque, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Green Building

Philip Plowright, Editor-in-Chief, Enquiry: Journal of the ARCC (ENQ) 

Marci Uihlein, Executive Editor, TAD (Technology, Architecture, Design)

Led by editors of architectural journals, the workshop will provide guidance on writing for academic journals including structuring the papers, evolving an argument, providing adequate literature support, and developing conclusions. Examples will be discussed and attendees will have the opportunity to solicit feedback on their work. 


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Keynote: Michelle Addington_RESEARCH REDUX
Chair: Aletheia Ida
Chair: Beth Weinstein

Michelle Addington is dean of The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture, where she holds the Henry M. Rockwell Chair in Architecture. Originally educated as a mechanical/nuclear engineer, Addington worked for several years as an engineer at NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center and for E.I DuPont de Nemours before she studied architecture. 


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