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Session Overview
Date: Thursday, 08/Apr/2021
Keynote: Eyal Weizman_CLOUD STUDIES
Chair: Beth Weinstein
Chair: Laura Holden Hollengreen

Eyal Weizman is Professor of Spatial and Visual Cultures and founding director of the Centre for Research Architecture at Goldsmiths, University of London. In 2010, Weizman founded the research agency Forensic Architecture, documented in FORENSIS (Sternberg, 2014) and Forensic Architecture: Violence at the Threshold of Detectability (Zone/MIT, 2017). 


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Thematic Paper Session Tracks > C: Cultural  / O: Organizational / T: Technological

A: Paper Session_C1: Meaning, Memory and Place
Moderator: Rima Ajlouni

Sacrality, Space + Self: Critical Explorations of Meaning, Relationship + Resonance in Islamic Architecture

Nooshin Esmaeili, Dr. Brian R. Sinclair

Qal'at Sim'an, A New Venue of Power in Late Antique Syria

Laura Holden Hollengreen

Bangladeshi Immigrant Muslim Women’s Memories from Past-lived Homes: Their Ways of Knowing Spaces

Mania Tahsina Taher

A: Paper Session_T1: Facade Performance, Research Methods and Models
Moderator: Terri Boake

A Time Efficient Design Method For A Kinetic Façade Using A Regression Model

Ok-Kyun Im, Kyounghee Kim

Facade Performance Study of a Historically Significant Brutalist Building: Thermal and Moisture Analysis

Suncica Milosevic, Ajla Aksamija

Building Enclosure and its Outdoor Thermal Behaviour: Insitu Measurement Efficacy

Patricia Njideka Kio, Ahmed Kamal Ali

A: Paper Session_T2: Public Health and Well-Being
Moderator: Saif Haq

Built and Social Environment Impact on Covid-19 Transmission

Ming Hu, Jennifer Roberts

Intentional and Unintentional Performance: Analyzing the Validity and Agency of Ancient Environmental Design on Contemporary Architecture Advancement

Sandra Maria Bernal Cordova, Joaquin Murrieta-Saldivar, Ivan Eladio Gaxiola Camacho

Salutogenesis + Design: Pursuing an Architecture of Wellness in an Age of Illness

Brian Sinclair

A: Seminar_S1: Forensic Architecture and Art of Accountability in the age of Neoliberalism

Beth Weinstein and Kaitlin Murphy, University of Arizona, Co-Moderators

A special focus seminar with Eyal Weizman of Goldsmiths, University of London.


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B: Poster Session_P1
Moderator: Jonathan Yorke Bean

The Design and Fabrication of Façade Panel Systems with Additive Manufacturing

Tanner Theisen, Niloufar Emami

Other Ways to Pay for the Public Life?

Brett Louis Snyder, N. Claire Napawan

Development of Window Apertures to Improve Natural Ventilation in Educational Buildings

Yun Kyu Yi, Manal Anis, Keunhyuk Jang

Exploring Changes in Needs for Students Housing after the Pandemic

Jinoh Park

Public Policies For Sustainable Social Housing In Northwest Mexico

Dania Lizeth Castro, Jose Manuel Ochoa

Performative Nomadicism and the No-Place

Jessica Rachel Hanzelkova

B: Poster Session_P2
Moderator: Valerian Miranda

Site Net Zero Contemporegional Architecture – The Barn Haus in Utah

Jörg Rügemer

Assessment Of Housing And Urban Context From An Aging In Place Framework And Its Impact In The Quality Of Life Of Older Adults.

Margarita Ibarra Platt, Maria Guadalupe Alpuche Cruz

The Sound Pavilion

Rachel Dickey

Energy Performance Evaluation in the Design Process of Façade-Integrated Green Living Walls Using Digital Simulation

Tazrin Islam, Ute Poerschke, Yasmine Abbas

Pilot Test of an Instrument for Vulnerability Assessment in Mexican Regulation, Case Study: Pharmaceutical Cleanroom

Fernando Arvayo-Ballesteros, Óscar Preciado-Pérez

B: Workshop_W2: NSF Grant Success Information Session
Moderator: Rahman Azari

Lawrence Bank, Research Faculty, Georgia Institute of Technology

A presentation by Larry Bank of Georgia Tech describing the process for securing an NSF grant, from communications with NSF Program Directors to qualifications, impact and proposal submission. Q&A session to folow. 

B: Workshop_W3: Publishing with Routledge Press
Moderator: Philip Plowright

Fran Ford, Senior Editor and Publisher (Architecture), Routledge Press, London

A presentation by Routledge Press describing the process for publishing a book, from proposal submission to editorial assessment, peer review, contracts, timelines and manuscript delivery. Q&A session to follow. 


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ARCC Annual Business Meeting

Presentation of ARCC Mission, Organization, Budget, Programs and Opportunities


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C: Paper Session_C2: Bio-Design, Linguistics and Social Change
Moderator: Laura Holden Hollengreen

Towards a Post-Anthropocene Bio-Design Practice

Assia Stefanova

Utterances and Similes: An Exploration of Participation and Linguistics in Architecture

Noémie Despland-Lichtert, Brendan Sullivan Shea

New Reality. New Architecture.

Salah Imam, Brian Sinclair

C: Paper Session_O1: Performative Health, Biophilism and Well-Being
Moderator: Susannah Dickinson

Situating Access and Breaking Boundaries: Holistic Responsivity as a Provocation

Bushra Hashim, Brian Robert Sinclair

Performative Views in Architecture: Preference, Composition, and Occupant’s wellbeing.

Ihab Elzeyadi

Biophilic Net-Positive Architecture: Integrating Nature, Health, Wellbeing and Passive Design

Mary Guzowski

C: Paper Session_T3: Design Integrated CFD and Energy Performance
Moderator: Adil Sharag-Eldin

A Framework for the Integration of CFD into the Early Stages of Architectural Design

Soo Jeong Jo, Jim Jones

Integrating Parametric Design and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to Maximize Electricity Generation from Pavilion

Yun Kyu Yi, Keunhyuk Jang, Andrew Chun-An Wei, Bhujon Kang, Manal Anis

Energy Performance Of Solar- Reflective Building Envelope On Retail Strip Malls - a Case Study

Roja Rastegar, Jae Chang


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Chair: Courtney Crosson
Chair: Clare Robinson

Peggy Deamer is Professor Emerita of Yale University’s School of Architecture and principal in the firm of Deamer, Studio. She is the founding member of the Architecture Lobby, a group advocating for the value of architectural design and labor. She is the editor of Architecture and Capitalism: 1845 to the Present and author of Architecture and Labor.


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