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Session Overview
E: Workshop_W4: Developing an Architectural Research Agenda
Friday, 09/Apr/2021:
9:45am - 11:15am

Panel Moderator: Adil Sharag-Eldin

Katy Janda, University College London, Panelist

Julia Robinson, University of Minnesota, Panelist

Panelists will present ideas, methods and organizational strategies for developing a well-defined architectural research agenda.

Session Abstract

Julia Robinson: Architecture is a Cultural Medium:: Application in Research

Professor Robinson’s talk will briefly introduce the research agenda she has pursued in her career and discuss what it means for architecture to be a cultural medium. Subsequently she will present three research projects and her research methodologies, first a 15-year study of the difference between institution and home,  second, the 8-year project on Dutch housing that resulted in her book, and finally, very briefly her recent work on preventing youth incarceration. She will conclude with preliminary ideas about how her work embodies a cultural approach.

Kathryn Janda: Beyond Technology: Re-Designing Sustainability Research and Social Engagement

This presentation discusses existing challenges and new opportunities for energy demand research in the built environment.  I argue that energy use is embedded in a social context, so technical potential (aka better buildings) is not enough.  We need social and organizational engagement as well, which I call “social potential.” From a research perspective, sustainability can only be achieved by continual co-production of learning between experts and non-experts, which requires inductive reasoning, open-ended questions and action research methods.

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