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Metaheuristics for production systems
Monday, 06/Sept/2021:
11:00am - 1:00pm

Session Chair: M.-Lounes BENTAHA
Session Chair: Valérie Botta-Genoulaz
Virtual location: Monday Room 4

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ID: 549 / MPS: 1
Special session: Metaheuristics for production systems
Keywords: Assembly line, Line balancing, Dynamic rebalancing, Reconfiguration, Metaheuristics Exact method Disturbance Uncertainty

Comparison of metaheuristics and exact method for the dynamic line rebalancing problem

M.-Lounes BENTAHA1, Salma El Abdellaoui2

1University of Lyon, France; 2OMP France

ID: 494 / MPS: 2
Special session: Metaheuristics for production systems
Keywords: Manufacturing, Scheduling, Industrial Internet, Edge Computing, Metaheu-ristics, Distributed Genetic Algorithm

A Distributed Model for Manufacturing Scheduling: Approaching the EDGE

Pedro Miguel Fernandes Coelho, Cristovão Silva

Univ Coimbra, CEMMPRE, Department of Mechanical Engineering

ID: 169 / MPS: 3
Special session: Metaheuristics for production systems
Keywords: Multi-objective scheduling, Genetic algorithm, Waste prevention

Multi-objective genetic algorithm to reduce setup waste in a single machine with coupled-tasks scheduling problem

Corentin Le Hesran, Anne-Laure Ladier, Valérie Botta-Genoulaz

Univ Lyon, INSA Lyon, UCBL, Univ Lumière Lyon 2, DISP, EA4570, 69621 Villeurbanne, France

ID: 357 / MPS: 4
Special session: Metaheuristics for production systems
Keywords: Line balancing, optimization, tabu search. SALBP, MALBP

Tabu search algorithm for single and multi-model line Balancing problems

Mohamed Amine Abdeljaouad1, Nathalie Klement2

1Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives (CEA), France; 2Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology, LISPEN, HESAM Université, Lille, France

ID: 507 / MPS: 5
Regular Paper Submission
Data-driven Production Management: Advanced Modelling, Simulation and Data Analytics in Production & Supply Networks
Keywords: Textile, Weaving Scheduling, Integer Programming, Heuristics

Scheduling jobs on unrelated machines with job splitting and setup resource constraints for weaving in textile manufacturing


Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece