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Regular session : New approaches for routing problem solving
Monday, 06/Sept/2021:
11:00am - 1:00pm

Session Chair: Christine Di Martinelly
Session Chair: Fabien Lehuédé
Virtual location: Monday Room 5

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ID: 230 / RS-01: 1
Regular Paper Submission
Digital Supply Networks: Supply Chain Planning and Optimization
Sustainable Production Management: Circular, Green, Sustainable Manufacturing, Sustainable Production Systems
Keywords: Vehicle routing problem, Time-dependent, Carbon emissions, Branch-and-price.

An Exact Method for a Green Vehicle Routing Problem with Traffic Congestion

Hongyuan Luo, Mahjoub Dridi, Olivier Grunder

Nanomedicine Lab, Univ. Bourgogne Franche-Comté, UTBM, France

ID: 346 / RS-01: 2
Regular Paper Submission
Digital Supply Networks: Supply Chain Planning and Optimization
Data-driven Production Management: Advanced Modelling, Simulation and Data Analytics in Production & Supply Networks
Keywords: Employee Shuttle Services, Vehicle Routing Problem, P-median, K-means, Clustering

Investigating Alternative Routes for Employee Shuttle Services Arising in a Textile Company: A Comparative Study


Gaziantep University, Turkey

ID: 537 / RS-01: 3
Regular Paper Submission
Keywords: VRPPTW-TD-2MS, VRPBTW-TD-2MS, Bi-objective

Two variants of bi-objective Vehicle Routing Problem in Home (Health)-care fields

Salma HADJ TAIEB1, Taicir MOALLA LOUKIL1, Abderrahman EL MHAMEDI2, Yasmina HANI2

1FSEGS, Tunisia; 2PARIS8, France

ID: 589 / RS-01: 4
Regular Paper Submission
Keywords: inventory routing, blood supply chain, sensitivity analysis

Inventory routing problem with transshipment and substitution for blood products using the case of the Belgian blood distribution

Christine Di Martinelly1,2, Nadine Meskens3,4, Fouad Riane5,6,7, Imane Hssini4

1IESEG School of Management; 2LEM-CNRS (UMR 9221); 3Université Catholique de Louvain; 4Louvain School of Management, Lourim; 5Ecole Centrale de Casablanca; 6LGI CentraleSupélec Paris Saclay University; 7FST Settat, Hassan Premier University

ID: 128 / RS-01: 5
Regular Paper Submission
Digital Supply Networks: Intelligent Logistics Networks Management, Strategies for Digital Supply Networks
Data-driven Production Management: Novel Production Planning & Control Approaches
Smart Manufacturing & Industry 4.0: Intelligent Maintenance Systems
Keywords: Graphs, Trajectory planning, Polynomial algorithm, Transportation control

The Implementation of Eulerian Coverings of a Graph for Solving Routing Problems

Tatiana Makarovskikh

South Ural State University, Russian Federation