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Location: A11 - Lecture room 234
Building A11, lecture room no. 234 - Masaryk University Campus Bohunice Kamenice 5, 625 00 Brno-Bohunice.
Date: Wednesday, 06/Feb/2019
EUFAR: Special session on EUFAR
Location: A11 - Lecture room 234
Chair: Jan Hanuš
Chair: Stefanie Holzwarth

10 Years of Airborne Imaging Spectroscopy within EUFAR, the European Facility for Airborne Research

Stefanie Holzwarth, Jan Hanus, Ils Reusen, Elisabeth Gerard, Phil Brown

Airborne Remote Sensing For Monitoring Essential Biodiversity Variables In Forest Ecosystems (RS4forestEBV): A EUFAR Summer School

Roshanak Darvishzadeh, Andrew Skidmore, Stefanie Holzwarth, Marco Heurich, Ils Reusen

Use of Bi-Temporal Hyperspectral Imagery to Determine the Influence of Soil Degradation on Rainfed Crop Yield

Robert Milewski, Sabine Chabrillat, Thomas Schmid, Paula Escribano, Monica Garcia, Eyal Ben Dor, Stéphane Guillaso, Marta Pelayo, Marcos Jiménez Michavila

HYLIGHT Activity and Biomass Mapper Tool

Jan Hanuš, Jan Novotný

VEG-1: Spectroscopy of vegetation
Location: A11 - Lecture room 234
Chair: Petr Lukeš
Chair: Miina Rautiainen

A Novel Dataset For Testing Physical Reflectance Models Of Trees

Aarne Hovi, Petri Forsström, Giulia Ghielmetti, Daniel Kükenbrink, Felix Morsdorf, Michael Schaepman, Miina Rautiainen

Vegetation Functional Photoprotection Dynamics Seen From Leaf Absorbance Features

Shari Van Wittenberghe, Luis Alonso, Zbynek Malenovsky, Jose Moreno

After this Talk You will always map Leaf Pigment Content and not Concentration

Teja Kattenborn, Felix Schiefer, Pablo Zarco-Tejada, Sebastian Schmidtlein

Seasonal Course of Leaf Optical Properties and Traits - Linking Structure with Leaf Dorsiventral Reflectance

Petr Lukeš, Eva Neuwirthová, Růžena Janoutová, Zuzana Lhotáková, Jana Albrechtová

Understanding Dynamics of Leaf Spectral Properties Under Bark Beetle (Ips typographus, L.) Infestation

Haidi Jamal Abdullah, Andrew K Skidmore, Roshanak Darvishzadeh, Marco Heurich

Date: Thursday, 07/Feb/2019
SENS-1: New airborne and UAV systems, spectroradiometers
Location: A11 - Lecture room 234
Chair: Robert O. Green
Chair: Lammert Kooistra

WaterSat Imaging Spectrometer Experiment (WISE) for Canadian Microsatellite Missions

Stephen Achal, Shen-En Qian, Martin Bergeron

Simulation and Improvements of the Hyperspectral Images of the SIELETERS Airborne System

Olivier Gazzano, Yann Ferrec, Alain Kattnig, Christophe Coudrain, Laurent Rousset-Rouviere

Analysis Of High Frequency Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Reflectances From Autonomous In Situ Sensors Deployed In Lakes

Mariano Bresciani, Claudia Giardino, Annelies Hommersom, Dario Manca, Tommaso Julitta, Cesana Ilaria, Valentina Della Bella, Rosalba Padula

Implementation Of A UAV – Hyperspectral Line Imager For Ecological Applications

Juan Pablo Arroyo-Mora, Margaret Kalacska, Deep Inamdar, Raymond Soffer, Oliver Lucanus, Janine Goldman, Tomas Naprstek, Gabriela Ifimov, Erica Skye Schaaf, Kathryn Elmer

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